Post 1098: …let’s go to the movies!

I’m sharing more Andy and Dougy kitty videos from my YouTube channel today. Hope you enjoy them! 

Just because you are an inside cat doesn’t mean you can’t practice your hunting skills!

Poor Dougy! All he wanted was a little love!

Hope you enjoyed a little snow day fun on this hot day!

Andy is less playful than Dougy, but he has his days!

Andy was not happy the day they mowed the lawn!

Spa day for the boys…they hate the carrier ride.

21 thoughts on “Post 1098: …let’s go to the movies!

  1. I was so involved in watching your great videos I failed to notice my boys were getting very peeved (kitten, cat and spaniel) they were relieved when I started typing again. 🙂

      • Yep, cute gets one many things. I just finished putting Kali’s grilled food in a mini chopper to chop up the grilled chicky bits so she can eat them. Her four teeth don’t chew much. Now, I would complain if hubby wanted his food done up in the mini-chopper! However, the food doesn’t look very appetizing so I don’t think he’ll be clamouring for pureed supper anytime soon. hehe


        • Ugh! I once had food prepared that way and it was distressing! Fortunately, I was able to eat regular food soon after, something I won’t take for granted any more. LOL!

  2. Snow in May?! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, coming from Minnesota, but if memory serves me, that year had a particularly brutal winter that refused to leave. Looks like the cats survived it well. Mine were always in a state of shock when they walked out into the snow. They used to glare at me, as if I played a very sick joke on them.

    • Other than short snoops outside for Dougy (Andy never wants to go out), that’s the closest mine get to being outside cats. I know too many people who would harm black cats in particular and all cats in general, so it just makes no sense to let them go outside. Also, there are major roads a block and two clocks over. Short, heavily supervised forays for Dougy – you saw how he loves to snoop around – seem to satisfy his curiosity, but he’d end up in Canada if I let him follow his nose!

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