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Born 23 March 1941 Died 20 December 2016

Born 23 March 1941
Died 19 December 2016

I learned just before I went to dialysis yesterday that my brother, Richard M. Thomas, died.

Dick was my buddy. I loved having him come visit each year. He’d stay for five weeks, during which time we just enjoyed being together. Nothing special done, just talk, and playing with my kitties, who loved, loved, loved Dick! Dick was wonderful with animals, and they attached themselves to him.

Once, when we were getting out of the car at one of my friend’s house, a little boy next door on the porch with his mother got really excited: “SANTA!!!” His mother was embarrassed, but Dick noted this happened to him before. You can see why in his photo, above. He was great with children.

In a sense, Dick was a Santa. He gave of himself, he was everyone’s friend, and, as soon as I can get past denial, I’m going to have a big cry.

In this one last video, you don’t see my brother, but he’s the one with the wand toy. I told you the kitty boys loved, loved, loved my brother, and this video shows you why.

Love you, Dick.