Post 1290: …”fwumpy”

I’m out of steam today. This photo of Andy the first day I took him home kind of shows how I feel.



Or maybe this video covers it… (“Fwumpy”, not mad, however.)

Post 1289: “Don’t go away mad, just go away!”

The kitty boys mostly get along. They are brothers after all and have spent their entire lives together except a few days when I first brought Andy home. They have their moments, though, just because!



Dougy’s watching his brother closely. He’s getting too close to Dougy’s ottoman!

I put the laptop on the floor between the recliner and Dougy’s ottoman so both kitty boys could enjoy the squirrel and bird video. Dougy was more interested in what his brother had in mind than the video. Andy innocently crossed an invisible line!

Yeah! Andy got engrossed in the video and hopped down to look at the exciting images more closely. Dougy took offense because Andy stepped into the invisible boundary line around his territory, the ottoman! The chase was on! And Dougy took his poor brother down!

The chase ended in a standoff, with Andy on the computer desk (his territory) and Dougy holding him there from the recliner.

“…and you stay there, brother!”

For a short time Dougy held his brother there, then he wandered off to the guest bedroom to take his morning nap. Andy came back to the recliner and finished watching the kitty video.

Not to worry, though, because the kitty boys were best friends and brothers again after Dougy had his nap.


Post 1288: a lazy Sunday post…

It’s a good day to post random thoughts and a few non-related extra photos of kitties enjoying videos for cats. I have nothing much in mind or planned otherwise!


It’s a lazy Sunday morning. The kitty boys had their kitty food and are lazing and taking kitty baths.


Dougy likes the squirrel video best!

Andy stopped by briefly to get “scritched” on the chin and chest, his favorite thing. A little later, Dougy love, love, loved getting brushed while lounging on his ottoman, his favorite thing. Bliss! Two happy kitties!


Oops! Inevitably, he gets over-excited and tries to catch what he sees on the screen!

I made myself French toast with cinnamon and cardamom that I topped with melted butter, confectioner’s sugar, and strawberry-rhubarb jam made in an Amish colony in Ohio. Oh the indulgence that!!


Andy likes the squirrel video best, too! He’d love to catch one or two.

I ground some roasted coffee beans in my little Cuisinart coffee grinder and made an extra strong cup of coffee to deal with all that sweetness of the French toast. Whew! It took an extra mug of water to finish the task! No wonder I don’t make this particular variation on French toast that often.


Here, Andy contemplates a bald eagle. No, no, no, Andy! That’s the national bird! (Besides, it’s much larger than you think, and you’re just a kitty!)

[This last photo I converted to black and white because the light on the end table has a deep orangey-red cast that can’t be toned down from certain angles.]

Post 1287: Caturday at the movies…

Kitty food time was  hit, but the kitty boys whined afterwards till I put a video for cats on the laptop. I didn’t know if they’d let me have it for bloggery, but they finally got tired of squirrels and birds. Whew!


Post 1286: “Shhh! Stop bothering us!”

Andy and Dougy now stop by to demand videos for kitties. So far, one with squirrels seems to be a favorite.

Both kitty boys try to catch them, usually stepping on the laptop and accidentally stopping the video or bringing up drop down menus. I do have to supervise their video fun, so it isn’t a perfect kitty babysitter! 



Andy’s watching from the glider arm.


Dougy took the recliner.

I never anticipated how intensely interested the kitty boys would find the videos for cats. Andy is especially interested in them and would watch them for hours if I let him. Dougy tends to watch them for 20-30 minutes, then takes a break for kitty business.

Post 1285: snow fun…(‘s’no fun)

The day started out fine. The kitty boys begged me to play videos for cats, and they were exceptionally good kitties while the videos played.


Good fun for the kitty boys! And they were nice to each other while watching the videos.


Yeah. What I saw at 10 o’clock. That’s my black VW Sportwagen buried in a drift!

The day before I’d called the Good Samaritan office to let them know I needed to have the snow cleared so I could get to dialysis Wednesday, and that it needed to be done by at least 10 o’clock so I had adequate time to make the 11 o’clock start time. That, I figured, would give me extra time in case of getting stuck or other snow related issues.

By 10 o’clock Wednesday, no one had come to clear the snow. I WAS PISSED!


My neighbor, Gary, offered to help dig me out. His wife, Donna, told him he had no business exerting himself that way. I protested, too, telling him I expected Good Samaritan to do the job. NOW!


Gary pretended to have chest pains. Donna and I were not amused!

Here’s what the passenger side looked like. The snow was up to just about halfway to my knees.

Note that I park in a handicap parking spot. The Good Samaritan runs the apartment complex I live in, and they are responsible for clearing snow. Theoretically, they will clear snow first for people like me who have medical issues and have to make appointments. Dialysis isn’t optional!


Here’s the driver’s side of my car. The drift was crotch high! I didn’t know if I could even get into the car because the snow came up to a few inches above the bottom of the door.

I managed to get in the car. Gary walked down to the office to remind them in person I had asked for snow to be cleared the day before. Then a couple of maintenance people came over to help clear some of the snow around and behind my car off, but the main snow removal had to wait till the snow plow arrived from Hemingford, 19 miles away!

I tried to back up and got stuck. Gary and the maintenance people got me unstuck, and I drove down the lane and turned west on East 6th Street.

At the intersection of East 6th and Flack Avenue, I saw a pickup truck and a Bobcat blocking the intersection. There was a police car with lights flashing. It looked like an accident, but it might have been people clearing the snow at the intersection. Regardless, I couldn’t pass through the intersection to head north to the hospital. (Yes, I drew on my US Army vocabulary again to express feelings about that!)

I backed up to a turn off to the Good Samaritan parking lot, and headed east to what looked like the best way to get to 4th Street, which would take me to Flack, then the long way around to the hospital by 3rd Street, then Box Butte Avenue, two snow lanes that were cleared. Boyd Street looked impassable, so I turned down Lane 4, which had a path down it, thanks to a pickup.


Here I am on Lane 4…



Yes, I was thoroughly wet, mad, and running out of time to get to dialysis.img_20170125_101132

The final trial: I waded through drifts up to my knees to get back to Lane 2 to try to run down a ride and to leave my keys with Gary and Donna so Gary could park my car in my spot after the snow was cleared and the car was unstuck.

I got thoroughly wet below the knees, and barely had the strength to make the full trek. Leroy, one of the maintenance guys, had to come to me for the final stretch to knock down a path for me to walk. I still barely made it. Yes, I cussed like a Sergeant Major all the way. Cleared my lungs, I tell you!

Donna called to find a ride for me. She eventually got the Handibus lined up, and I got to dialysis just slightly later than usual. (The Handibus is a city-run service used mostly by non-drivers, elderly, or handicapped people. You can get door-to-door service at a dollar per ride.)

Did I mention Gary and Donna are the neighbors who took care of the kitty boys for the two months and 10 days I was hospitalized, then in rehabilitation in 2016? Very good people! They helped turn my disastrous snow crisis into a successful trip to the hospital for dialysis. 

Post 1284: snow day…

I tried to clear snow off my car and make a path to get my kitty boys to the groomer on time yesterday, but the snow was coming down heavily and getting piled into drifts by a stiff wind. It was clear that I wasn’t going to make the appointment.

I called the groomer, who rescheduled the kitty boys for a new appointment on February 2nd. It’s for the best. Poor things would have suffered the windy cold terribly after a haircut. For that matter, I had a hair and beard cut the day before yesterday, and I was very miserable after my short spell in the cold!


 Dougy and I took another look at the snow after the sun came up. He decided a better plan was to take clean up in the warm front room instead of venturing out as far as he could sneak.


Here’s a look out the back door. I couldn’t open it to take the photo because of a drift.


Yes, that’s snow on top of the birdbath! I guess it is about 10 inches deep or 25,4cm, and the snow was still falling and blowing.


Post 1283: Ugh! I have to take the kitty boys to the groomer today!

Andy and Dougy get a spa day and haircut every other month. They are very good boys for their groomer, Athena! (So I’ve heard….)

Long-haired pets have a problem of poop getting caught in their “tail feathers” if they don’t have what’s called “hygienic trims” in that area. I started having them trimmed after months of stepping in little poop bombs dropped around the house, poop bombs that fell off their tail feathers.

I think they were a bit older than one when I started taking them to the groomers. This time of year, it can be problematic. Take a look at what I saw outside my front door this morning. (You know that’s Dougy sticking his nose out the door!)



I guess I can back my car up to the door. It will be later in the day before they scoop walks of clear the lane of snow. That’s my car on the left. It’s about fifty feet from the front door, and the carrier with two kitties is too balky and heavy to carry that far. Besides, I use a cane!img_20170124_022539

Post 1282: Dougy tries to get it…again!

Dougy is interested in videos for kitties alright, but he still has some difficulty figuring out where the birdies go when they fly off screen. Hey, he’s just a kittycat!



Dougy thinks those birdies are pretty…tasty, IF he can catch them!

Of course, he still thinks he’ll find them behind the laptop.

I turn the laptop around so he can enjoy the video in comfort.

He seems to be catching on, until…img_20170122_102816

…he looks under the laptop! Poor Dougy! He really has a notion a good sparrow treat about now would be fine!

Post 1281: Dougy watches “My Cat From Hell”…

I don’t know if Dougy picks up bad behaviors from watching Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell”, but he did do a “butt drag” on the carpet after watching an episode of the bad kitty program the other day. Bad kitty!