Post 1225: Andy can’t wait for Dougy to leave!

We all know how Dougy gets when you intrude on “his” places! Well, Andy has his places, too, but he’s more subtle about how he deals with Dougy’s intrusions.

In this instance, Dougy is on his place on the computer desk but he had to hop through Andy’s place to get there. Believe it, he woke Andy up and Andy is not pleased!


Oh no! Andy wants me to intervene! Dougy is oblivious, as he often is, or, maybe he’s just being a little poop toward his brother.113016-andy-looks-to-me-for-support-dougy-is-oblivious-1

Andy taps his foot, figuratively. Dougy surely knows Andy’s unhappy!113016-andy-WAITS-Dougy-hangs-on-2

Tap! Tap! Tap! Maybe Andy will have to get proactive on Dougy’s tail!113016-andys-impatient-dougy-starts-to-look-bored-3

Maybe Dougy’s getting the hint. Or maybe he’s teasing Andy.113016-third-from-last-5

Andy is hopeful. Dougy’s getting ready to jump off the desk!113016-dougy-looks-like-hes-leaving-andy-watches-4

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Andy is in kitty dreamland!113016-dougs-gone-andy-can-sleep

Yes, Dougy jumped!

Post 1224: guess he told me…!

What can I say? I know Dougy is very possessive of the stupid ottoman, yet I regularly upset him by transgressing in ways only he understands!

As best I can tell, the transgression this time was I put his kitty toy down on the ottoman for a moment so I could change channels on the television. Ooops! Kitty boy is really upset!


Dougy rips at the ottoman with his “Ferocious Terroristic Mad Claws of Death, Destruction, and Retribution”. Yes, I forgot and dared intrude on his space!112816 dougy says my ottoman use me.jpg

Dougy uses his claws to signal other moods or concerns. You may remember this photo where he tries to get me to side with him in a dispute over the recliner between Dougy and Andy. That time is was his “Pathetic Pleading Paws of Petulant Pouty Pettiness” in action!IMG_20161009_160548.jpg

(Hmm. Looks like that was before I did some vacuuming….! So it goes.)

Then there was this time. Dougy wanted to make the point that he could do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. Eventually, he destroyed that settee and it went to the landfill. Naughty cat! That time he used his “Nasty Naughty Pointy Toes of Perpetual Persian Insolence.” Most effective!dougy2_edited-2

Oh, the naughty behavior goes back to the beginning! I tried, but I was a terrible kitty father, and didn’t bend that twig well or hard enough to get the result I wanted! 

A video of the juvenile delinquent in making…

Post 1223: Andy hits the N-state…

Yesterday, you learned about Ms. Zulu’s prescription for your well being and being in your best form. Today, I’m showing you how Andy prepares to get to that desired state.

Just because the concept came from a doggy doesn’t mean it lacks credibility! At least, that’s what Andy thinks, and, since he’s a cat, I agree with it, too! 


What does the N-state look like? Here’s an animation of Andy once he hit it.20161127_121938-animation

Andy feels sleepy…112916-andys-sleepy

…it’s written on his face.112916-candys-nearly-asleep

How he plans to sleep in this position is anyone’s guess. Gad!112916-gad-how-does-andy-sleep-in-that-position

Sleep, blissful sleep….112916-andy-in-z-zone

Getting closer to the N-state…!112916-andy-zoning-out

Is he there…?112916-deep-sleep-for-andy

Could be….112916-andy-fully-zoned

Full fetal…. Yep! He’s there! Could call it the ZZZ-state just as well.112916-andy-goes-fetal

Wow! Ms. Zulu is really onto something here! Look at how blissed out our little kitty bud is!  Can’t wait to post this on the Internet!img_20161127_120024


You know Ms. Zulu and Benji from the very popular interviews these two dogs did with Andy and Dougy and vice versa. The topic has to do with how Ms. Zulu deals with fatigue, and I think you will agree with me after you read it that we can learn great life skills from our fur buddies!

Post 1222: so Andy comes and Dougy goes…

Andy and Dougy sometimes quarrel, just like brothers will do, but mostly they give each other space. Dougy knows the PC is Andy’s special spot, as is the mini-stereo, and the computer desk. That known, Dougy adjusts to Andy’s unexpected presence on the PC.


Man, is that fir tree buzzing with activity today! Dougy’s engrossed in a bird watching session…img_20161126_084210

…when he becomes aware of Andy!112716-hark-says-dougy

Yes, Andy came along to enjoy the warmth of the PC.112716-andy-hopped-on-computer-and

Andy’s surprised, too, that Dougy’s on the mini-stereo.112716-andy-realizes-doiugys-there

Oh well! Andy settles down on the PC!112718-andy-in-repose

Dougy decides to leave…112716-dougy-leaves

…and Andy watches as Dougy hops off the computer desk.112716-andy-in-sweet-pose

Conflict avoided!

Post 1221: details need attended to…

I confess to laziness now that I’m retired, a state (the laziness) that perpetuates itself because I don’t have anyone living with me to nag about the unread magazines, the vacuum cleaner I haven’t moved in days from the spot where I stopped vacuuming, and the inertia that comes as an after effect of dialysis, which sometimes leaves me drained, my built-in excuse! Regardless, details need attended to, laziness must be overcome. Here are a few details that need attended to now, details I can’t ignore.


The kitty boys’ groomer schedules them a year in advance. I got the 2017 schedule when I took them in last Monday. (Dougy’s name isn’t spelled with an “ie” on the end, but with a “y”,the way I spelled it when I was a kid.) I need to transfer this information to a virtual Post-It note on my computer because I invariably misplace the schedule I get from the groomer! 112616-andy-and-dougys-grooming-schedule

My dialysis nurses have difficulty locating the dialysis fistula on the top end because it takes a turn, then a deep dive. The arrow is a direction reminder: “Hold the needle at this angle to the fistula.” If they don’t, the needle won’t reach the fistula, and it takes lots of poking to locate it. Ick! I need to avoid washing this direction finder off my arm between Friday’s dialysis session and Monday! (Maybe I need a tattoo….)112616-fistula-direction

My photo files are outrageously large. Every kitty photo — yes, most of my photo files are kitty photos! — I’ve ever taken seems to be there, and many are crapo photos that are beyond redemption. I keep them just the same. Here’s one that is a lovely pose of Dougy, but a crapo photo for exposure and potential for a fix. I need to get off my butt…um, get on my butt?… and sort through and delete the crapo photos in my files and save just those that are good. See what I mean about crapo?  (Left side = crapo original; right side = crapo attempt to save the photo through manipulation)

Post 1220: cleaning up…

Dougy and Andy spend lots of valuable waking time getting cleaned up. Here is a short animation of Dougy’s recliner session today:



Post 1219: Dougy sees his veterinarian…

Dougy and I took a trip to see his veterinarian yesterday. Dougy protested the carrier, of course, but he was a very good boy on the examination table. His veterinarian, Dr. Y., was pleased with Dougy’s eye since he saw a vast improvement over last Friday. Just in case he hadn’t seen the photo I e-mailed the clinic, I printed out an enlargement of the “last Friday eye” to show him. He had, but it still had a purpose. It went into Dougy’s medical folder.


Dougy relaxed by the open front door after we returned from the visit with Dr. Y.112316 dougy home again.jpg

Here’s his “last Friday eye”…111916 dougys sick eye 2.jpg

…and his “next Wednesday eye”.112316 dougys eye one week later.jpg

It still is healing, but the eye is free of problems that could cause permanent harm. It’s still a bit a”goopy”, but the worst of the swelling is gone.

Yes, Dougy relaxed by the door! It was a happy day and he had no more trips to make.112316 use me dougy happy to be home.jpg

Andy was happy to see his brother again, then he hopped onto the PC to absorb some warmth.112316 andy in dark.jpg

It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA today. We, the kitty boys and I, are thankful that our health care needs are met by caring, competent professionals. But most of all, we are thankful we don’t have to see any of them today!

Post 1218: when pets mourn…

You recently learned here about the passing of my friend Deborah’s cat Serena. She was one of the three cats Deborah took to Paris, which was related by Deborah in an earlier post.

It was a sad time for Deborah, and Charles, Serena’s best cat buddy and half brother, had a time getting used to her being gone. It never is an easy time, as anyone who’s been through loss of a pet knows, but we sometimes forget our animal friends also have to deal with the passing of a companion. Charles had a tough time of it.

Deborah sent me this update on how she and her kitty boys are getting along after the passing of Serena. Since many of you sent condolences, I asked her if I could share it with you.


Deborah writes:

Charles made a heroic effort to wrestle me from my bed today.  It is rainy and grey and I have to grind chicken for their cat food (as a four decades plus vegetarian this is not something I exactly enjoy).  Anyway, he did his circling, meowing and paws to the face many times over the course of a couple of hours before he successfully pried me into an upright position.

He then has to watch me do my morning duties including washing dishes and making coffee.  He was especially frenetic with his cries this morning.  You may recall he is the Spokescat because the others — well not Serena anymore — let him harass me for food while they swoop in as soon as it is served.  I finally placed it on the floor and he went to his litter box to do his business, then sat on my lap without even eating any.  It is the principle of the thing with him.  Cats get fed as early in the morning as they can arrange to be served.  Period.

Of course now he is asleep on my lap.  Cats like to have their servant standing by in case they wake up and require something.

The chicken awaits me, alas.  I freeze enough for about a month so these days are only once a month.  I discovered both Charles and André like butternut squash!  Who would have thought?  André comes around when I have something he fancies (cheese for certain) and he came round to beg some squash yesterday.  So I hope they will like it in their food as I have roasted a half of one.  Sometimes they turn up their nose at a batch.

A postscript…:

Deborah sent this note to let me know I could use the text above. She included a new photo. Made me cry.

Yes, thank you of thinking of us.  Here is a photo of Charles and Serena taken just a few weeks ago.  I think Charles was trying to comfort her.  I didn’t yet know she was ill.


I like your post and it is good to know Charles’ process is recognized.  He is having a restless morning meowing up at André in his bed on top of the bookcase.  I guess he still misses the companionship.  While he and André are also half siblings, they don’t snuggle at all.  I’m not sure if it is because they are both males or because André is sable.

Post 1217: the trip to the groomers went without incident…

I amazed myself (even) by the speed with which I captured Andy and Dougy to take them to the groomer. Dougy complained, of course, because he always does. We no sooner arrived than Peggy drove up and opened the shop. Great timing!

I let Peggy and Athena (who cuts the boys’ hair) know Dougy had conjunctivitis in his left eye so they knew Dougy might be a bit grumpy because of it.

When I picked the kitties up, I learned Andy is OK with every part of the process but the hair drier, that he actually likes to be brushed. The little poop! He hates it when I brush him with the exact same brush they use at the groomer’s! I know I use the same brush because they recommended the same brush they use at the shop on cats, which was on display at the shop in their pet supply display!

Dougy, on the other hand, got bored and grumpy before Athena could finish dealing with some hair on his legs. She (wisely) quit while he was still in a good enough mood not to become naughty. I agreed that that was a smart move on her part, that that’s why she’s so good at her job!


When I opened the carrier at home, the kitty boys ran to get a drink (Andy) and to use the litter box (Dougy).112116-taking-care-of-basic-needs-dougy-on-left-andy-on-right

Then Andy went to use the other litter box in the bathroom and Dougy watched him leave the room.112116-andy-in-doorway-dougy-in-foreground

Of course, after just getting groomed, Andy had to put his personal spit on the subject!112116-andy-cleans-up-after-groomers 

Did you notice the rainbow-colored string in the second photo? That’s where Andy dragged it to try to get Dougy to come play their strange little game. Andy yowled the challenge, but Dougy wasn’t in the mood to play, I guess. 


Oops! I managed to post the top two photos out of chronological order! I’m sure many of you will notice the blue carrier is missing from its place in the second photo, though in the first one it is next to the secretaire, where it usually is when not in use. (The grey towel is to give kitties a comfortable place to roost.)