Post 1238: observed early this morning…

Boys! Boys! Boys! You kitties better get your act together or Santa will skip you this year!

I try to encourage peace on earth and goodwill to all kitties in this home, but Andy and Dougy continue their recliner war!



Dougy enjoys a quiet moment on the recliner.


Dougy senses trouble in the making: Andrew James Thomas!


.Andy’s minding his own business, mostly!


“Just minding my own business, mostly, Fluffybutt!” Oh dear! Andy called Dougy a name!

“What!? What!? What!?”


“Put up yer paws or shut up, brother!” Dougy’s in a mood now!

Yes, the chase was on! Dougy and Andy settled their dispute, Dougy wandered off to his favorite hidey hole in the guest bedroom, and Andy settled down in the sink in the guest bathroom, where I found him in time to give him his medicine.