Post 1227: Friday, at last!

It’s been a fast week, in a slow way. It’s a paradox, one I can’t fathom.

Anyway, we started out with Andy getting kitty food at the usual time, but Dougy not showing up to help eat it. Andy, of course, finished both portions so that Dougy (who showed up three hours later – must have had a good sleep!) had nothing to eat.

He walked over to the food spot, came back to me on the glider, meowed plaintively, and I realized he was hungry for his daily morning wet kitty food!

What to do? Well, give him twice as much as usual since Andy already had twice as much as usual. I know they don’t compare notes, but I’d know. Yes, I’d know…!

Dougy came back to the glider licking his face and looking very sated!


What Dougy does after a snoot full of wet kitty food!img_20161007_072825-1

Yep! Sleep! Of course, he cleaned his fur after eating first.