Post 1240: Ho! Ho! Ho!

Though I’m falling short on Christmas spirit this year, I can get just enough stirred up to share my Christmas greeting for the year. (For those of you have other faiths and holidays to celebrate, I want you to know I send you greetings as well!)



Post 1239: We gotta do it, Andy…

Nothing is more pathetic than the looks Andy gives me when he realizes it’s time for his medicine. Regardless, it’s for his best, so I rub his ears and whiskers, talk softly to him, rock him like a baby, then say the five (six?) words he doesn’t want to hear: “We gotta do it, Andy….” 



Poor kitty! (That’s Dougy coming in to the room because he knows Andy gets kitty treats after his medicine. Dougy sneaks a few for himself!


Oh dear! Andy’s laying the “poor kitty” guilt trip on me, and how!


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop staring at me, kitty!”


“We gotta do it, Andy!”

After a bit of a struggle, Andy is a good boy, takes his medicine, then hops down to the floor to wait for his kitty treats. Whew! We got through that hassle for one more day!