Post 1246: transition…

Born 23 March 1941 Died 20 December 2016

Born 23 March 1941
Died 19 December 2016

I learned just before I went to dialysis yesterday that my brother, Richard M. Thomas, died.

Dick was my buddy. I loved having him come visit each year. He’d stay for five weeks, during which time we just enjoyed being together. Nothing special done, just talk, and playing with my kitties, who loved, loved, loved Dick! Dick was wonderful with animals, and they attached themselves to him.

Once, when we were getting out of the car at one of my friend’s house, a little boy next door on the porch with his mother got really excited: “SANTA!!!” His mother was embarrassed, but Dick noted this happened to him before. You can see why in his photo, above. He was great with children.

In a sense, Dick was a Santa. He gave of himself, he was everyone’s friend, and, as soon as I can get past denial, I’m going to have a big cry.

In this one last video, you don’t see my brother, but he’s the one with the wand toy. I told you the kitty boys loved, loved, loved my brother, and this video shows you why.

Love you, Dick.

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  1. I am sorry for your loss Doug. Dick sounds like he was quite a character, and great company when he came to visit you. Doug and Andy sure loved him too! May he rest in peace, and glad he is not in pain now.

    • Thank you, Angela. I did give both my kitties a big hug after I learned lost my brother. Dick was so good with them, and they always acted like they knew exactly what was to come when he arrived for his annual visit, and they were excited about it1

  2. I’m so sorry my friend. I just read this. It’s so hard to comprehend the passing of someone that means so much to us here. I pray for you during this time. We are always here with a shoulder and an ear. The Staff of the Hotel Thompson (XOXO – Bacon)

    • Life must go on. Though I am sad, I recognize that there is a time for all things, that we are mortal. My brother suffered a lot in his last years, and I am happy he won’t have to be in pain any more.

  3. So sorry to read this sad news about the passing of your brother. My sincere condolences . Wishing you lots of strength in this painful period. My thoughts are with you, Doug.

  4. Your brother sounds like such a nice man, you’ll miss him very much. I’m glad you have many good memories of him, and also that your 2 boys knew something was wrong and let you hold them. Hugs from Australia.

    • Thank you, Yvonne. Dogs are well known for their sensitivity to the humans in their lives, but cats are surprisingly sensitive this way, too. Thank you for your thoughts and hugs.

  5. While is a sad time for you, I hope it is of some comfort that you have such precious memories of the times with your brother. Nice that your kitties understood your need for cuddles. Thinking of you and sending a virtual hug.

  6. Oh Doug, how sad to lose that dear brother. It’s wonderful to have such good memories of him that will come creeping out to make you smile and cry many times in the future. How lovely that your boys sensed something bad had happened to you.

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Well, we are of an age when we are thinned out by age and disease. I myself have had several bouts of illness that could have taken me before any of my siblings. While it’s left me with an oddly comforting sense of my own end, it doesn’t make me comfortable with losing any of my siblings. Dick had a very serious disease and I have to think of his passing as the end of his pain. It’s a little more bearable that way, though still hard to accept. Thank you for you thoughts.

    • FAITH – I accidentally hit that key that wipes out comments. I do appreciate your condolences, and am sorry I don’t remember your full comment or blog ‘s name so I can link this back to you. I hope you see this because I appreciate all comments from readers of this blog and feel terrible when my finger stumbles on the key that deletes a comment, especially when I can’t tie it back to the person who took the time to leave me their thoughts on a blog post. This time, especially, it bothers me since it was a thoughtful condolence.

  7. So sorry about your loss.
    I hope that you’ll soon be able to think of all the good memories you have of your brother Dick without too much pain.

    • My brother would want us to remember his humorous outlook on life and what we loved about him. I’m fortunate that I have him being himself in the videos I posted, for example. My kitty boys got really excited when he came here because they remembered him from time to time and how he played with them. It was amazing to me because they only saw him once a year, if for five weeks at a time.

      • Animals are very honest in how they react on people. The fact that they remembered your brother for such a long time and were happy meeting him again and being around him speaks volumes about this man.

        • I think so, too. Of course, it also is one of the things I loved about him. When he called home, he also wanted to talk with the family dogs, and you’d hear their excited barks when they recognized his voice.

  8. What awesome memories you have, Doug. I have no wise words at a time like this…I’m as dumb as a piece of wood when it comes to finding great words to help one through a stressful and upsetting time. Just know we are here for you and if you want to chatter more about your bro…just ding me.


    • Thank you Susan. Though only my Seattle sister and some of her family will be able to attend the service, my other sister and I will not. Fortunately, Dick’s California family will do a fine job of honoring him, and we are grateful for that.

        • No, he wasn’t. In my family, people usually live into their 90s. My dad was 92 when he died, and my mom was days short of 99. My mom was an only child, but my dad came from a large family, most of whom were in their 90s when they died. Anyway, thank you. Much appreciated, Susan.

    • Indeed. Thank you, Helen. I hope people watching the videos can get some sense of what he was like, though I’m sorry the first one had some language in it. I try to maintain a G rating level on this blog.

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