Post 1411: watching the news…

Sometimes the kitty boys alarm me by showing unexpected interest in what’s on the television. Here, Dougy is watching  “Morning Joe” and commentary on Trump’s impending announcement on the Paris Accord. 

Andy’s watching me watching him. He seems incredulous. 

The news later in the afternoon, while not totally unexpected, left me stunned: America joins Syria (tied up in its civil war and ISIS intrusions) and Nicaragua (didn’t sign on to the Paris Accord because it is not stringent enough in Nicaragua’s belief!) are the only other nations not signed on to this accord. 

Whatever your political affiliation, this decision transcends politics and puts America on the wrong side of history. I am sad. Very sad.

48 thoughts on “Post 1411: watching the news…

    • They want to be competitive abroad, so they
      will ignore that knothead in Washington and meet the international green standards agreed to. You’d think a president cum businessman would understand that. He certainly sold that background when running for the job.

  1. Let us hope sanity prevails after all of this pendulum swinging. Right now it is frightening. I don’t know if Memorial Day weekend events in Portland made news where you are. It was sobering here, as to how far things have fallen.

    • Yes, that story was covered extensively everywhere. So much for scary “radical Islamic terrorists”. Statitis=cs show the greatest terroristic threat is from axxholes like that fellow – right wing extremists.

  2. Kitty love is the best way to lower blood pressure – I have the same reaction as you and have my cats as de-stressors. Good post !

    • Exactly. The encouraging fact is Fortune 500 business people and several state governments recognize the benefits of staying the course, and leadership can come from the bottom (middle?) as well as from Washington. I have this out of my system for now. Back to kitty boys!

    • It’s happened again: I was responding to someone’s comment and accidentally hit some key that deleted the comment and my response to the point I’d written it. I see no place to retrieve it, usually there is an opportunity to undo the action, but not however I deleted it…! If you don’t see your comment here, please re-comment so I can reply. The essence of my answer was that I agreed with you and was in a fink about the action taken by Trump, but there are signs governors, mayors, and major and smaller businesses recognize the reality of climate change and the need to go green. They are going to lead the green charge, without the federal government under Trump. Trump not only abdicated leadership, he is an ignorant, narcissistic loser who made President Macron and Kanzler Merkel de facto new leaders of the free world. Either one is superior to him. Kanzler Merkel has the added benefit of surviving under a Communist dictatorship in the then DDR (East Germany): she knows Putin isn’t a friend!

      • Your comment was deleted by a Trump employee I’m sure. Basically Trump & his rich pork belly friends want as much swill while they are at the trough! They get more money with no climate restrictions.Thats what it’s all about.They don’t give a crap about anything else other than lining their greasy pockets.
        thanks for your input!

        • Koch brothers and the rest…. I’m afraid you are right. I do take encouragement from the governors and businesses that announced they will work to meet the goals – without Washington! The world isn’t totally insane.

  3. Administrations come and go. Presidents come and go. What goes around, comes around.
    “Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” (Buddha)

    My number one rule: stick with cat talk only! Keeps the blood pressure in check!

    • Mine was 179 over something yesterday at dialysis. Typically, it runs 100 over 68 or so. You are tight. As more reaction comes out, the less stressed I feel. Even Trump (surely) can see he is an international pariah on this issue and others. I have this out of my system as far as weggieboy’s blog now. The tagline is “surviving retirement with two cats”, not “curmudgeonly rants about current events”! LOL!

  4. This is awful, and I too am sad. What really disturbs me is that Trump has essentially abdicated the US’ leadership in global concerns, like human-made climate change. European leaders are giving up on us; China is stepping up its game in the Pacific, and Russia is laughing at us.

    The cats know what’s up. And they don’t even have the right to vote!

    • Fortunately, given the lack of leadership in Washington, some state governments and several important Fortune 500 businesses recognize the economic benefits of going greener, along with the rest of the world, and I am more confident America will lead in important ways till Trump is in the dustbin of history and real leaders are in Washington again. In the meantime, you are exactly right about european and Chinese leaders: that shift in influence will be Trump’s legacy. I hope his will be proud…not!

  5. Sorry for letting this go political. Climate change is bigger than politics, though, and the reality is the world sees a need to reduce carbon dioxide in the air, whether the USA is with the world or not. Fortunately, businessmen and state governments in America see there is justification to go greener than we are now, and leadership will come from below instead of from Trump and his administration.
    I am not here to debate whether or not climate change is happening: over 190 governments and most climatologists agree it is and that we need to keep working on alternative, greener, more sustainable energy sources.

    • I posted your President’s statement on my Facebook feed, and got an ignorant response back from a Trump supporter: [Sean McCort] Your free to move to france anytime [sic]

      I responded: “Your” free to write a coherent sentence in English, too. “Your” – the possessive , as in “When ignorance rules, your [as in the one attached to your backsidfe] ass will be grass.” What you mean to write is “you’re” as in “You are free to move to France [a proper noun -a person ,place or specific thing – is capitalized] anytime.” Having been to France four times, I suspect I would be happy there if I were more competent in language. Sean, America allows us to have different points of view, even disagree with our President and government’s actions without some knothead suggesting we cannot. I served in the US Army for three years. I volunteered during the Vietnam era, something many of my generation – including and especially Trump! – did not. I was fortunate to be stationed in Germany after basic and AIT, where I was a motion picture photographer and got to travel all over Germany and to other European countries, including France. I didn’t serve my country so twits could insult me with threats and implications that it was un-American to disagree with an ignorant man in the White House. It is my f’ing right! Just as it is yours to think I can’t have an opinion contrary to that ignorant man in the White House or I should leave the country I love because you and I stand on different sides of an issue. Sean, why don’t you take a look at the US Constitution, read a history of America, and see what it is that makes this country exceptional. Think before you type. Think, As we say in America, covfefe.

      Phenny, I am appalled that any American thinks it isn’t acceptable to have an honest difference of opinion without implying that that person somehow is un-American and should leave, be banned fro the country! I hope Sean got the point, though I fear the point is on his head. (Yeah, I’d love to live in France! But I love America and will live here till I die. I just don’t like the un-American path Trump is talking the country.)

      • I’m honest… I rather would live in the US than in france (or in europe generally)… but we made our decision to stay in europe and now we have to make the best of it. and I hope that the people of the us and europe will be still friends even when the politicians throw with hard words and try to ruin so much good things what grew for decades… Sadly a lot of peeps at FB are very fast with insulting or sh*tstorms or whatnot if you think or write different… but those who thought different made us to the high developed species we are now… without them we would probably still live in caves…;o)

        • The best place to live is where you feel at home. Though a friend tried to convince me I should stay in Europe (and move to France) when I got out of the US Army, I knew that Western Nebraska was the place I felt most at home – because that’s where I grew up, of course, and because i generally feel most at home there, no matter how much I enjoy visiting other places. Reality is there is no utopia. I personally like everyplace I’ve been, city, state, nation. There were a few people I didn’t like – like the German who tried to run over my friends and me when we crossed a street. and the Parisian who made a rude gesture at me because he disliked tourists, people who are the life blood of a significant part of the Parisian economy! – but mostly people are people everywhere, and learning what is polite and acceptable behavior in each country and being polite by local standards means you will be welcome everywhere! If Sean adds to his rude remark, he will be blocked. I have no hesitancy about blocking rude, insulting trolls.

          • every place has some idi*ts and as long as we have a lot of good people everywhere too, you are right, if it feels like home it is the place for you :O) some parisians treated us bad too as we where there in april, a jogger was annoyed because she couldn’t run through montmartre because of tourists… she probably never asked google… it says it is a POI and a tourist attraction… there was no word that it is a racetrack :o)

          • It caught me off guard to get that rude gesture in Paris because up to that moment, I had nothing by pleasant experiences with Parisians. Outside of the capital, all French were pleasant. (Except people in official positions like a customs agent on the train at the German/French border and a post office clerk in Strasbourg. LOL!)

          • we met a rude police woman too… a she-devil…but to tell the truth, if people from paris come to brittany they have to deal with some discardment too ;o)))

          • My friends who lived in Paris at the time – Americans – told me about how their accents were Parisian enough that they ran into problems among people outside the capital. People assumed they were axxholes! (Oops!)

    • Trump thinks he can “make a deal” with the rest of the world – over 190 individual countries! – that makes America better off than the agreement already approved by all but Syria (a savage civil war) and Nicaragua (they thought the Paris Accord isn’t stringent enough!). He is seriously uninformed and easily influenced by right wing blogs and bloggers, and, yes, China is making use of this interlude in American abdication of leadership to increase its influence in Africa, Asia, and Europe. French President Macron’s statement pretty much covered it all in my mind.

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