Post 1410: what to do with a sleeping kitty…

  • Wake him up.
  • Let him shake off the sleepiness and think you are about to play.
  • Hee! Hee! Let him get back up on the ottoman for the feather treatment!

Gentle humor is good for all . Dougy got over the humiliation and “rawr’ed” that blinking feather to death shortly after this photo was taken.

He is KITTY! Hear him “RAWR”!

11 thoughts on “Post 1410: what to do with a sleeping kitty…

    • That they do! As noted, I buy them 50 at a time, then try to ration them out. One play pretty much breaks them one or more places, but I can use them till they start coming apart.

    • You never know with kitties, eh? My sister’s late cat love, love, loved a toy made out of a toilet paper tube, and guarded it jealously! My kitties look at toilet paper tubes like, “What’s that? Didn’t spend much money on us this time, did you!?” LOL! Dougy runs away if he sees an empty paper towel tube. Don’t know what is issue is.

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