Post 1468: “Who’s that!?”

Dougy buzzed in and settled down on his ottoman. Something was upsetting him, a dark presence. “Who’s that!?”  he wondered.

Brrr! Whew! Familiar now…

IMG_20170730_164603 (1)

…that dark presence is the sweet wee Andrew! “Hi, Andy!”

Post 1467: an early start…


I was a bit worn out after dialysis Saturday, so ended up taking a “nap” around 2:25 PM that lasted till 9:30. That was OK with Andy, who slept the time away on my bedroom bureau. Dougy was more restless, giving me his “Wake up, Doug, AND FEED THE KITTIES~!” routine. 

So, I got up and fed the kitty boys. Bad mistake. Now they will expect a third feeding at 9:30 PM! I guess I’ll be expected to feed them again at 1:30 AM, too. Who knows? Who knows? 

After “kitty food time”, the kitty brothers found old favorite perches to clean their whiskers, Dougy on my walker and Andy on the PC.

 Then Dougy ran off to his flamingo-colored tub for a sit till it was time to move over to his ottoman.


Andy headed off to the end table for his repose.

Here it is, 11:39 Saturday night and we’ve done everything we do for Sunday morning! Now what? Go back to bed? I tell you, taking a nap in the daytime sometimes just confuses the order of things. 






Post 1466: Andy wonders where Dougy is…NOT!

Andy’s looking around. He knows Dougy’s on the prowl for something, maybe a kitty fight! 

Andy hears a commotion in the other room. Oh! Dougy’s not looking for a fight. He’s in the dining area looking for a way to get in trouble!


That’s just like Dougy, thinks Andy. 

All the better to get all the “scritching”. Dougy will have to just suck eggs if he thinks he’s getting all the attention! Andy is pleased.









Post 1465: quiet time after the storm…

Wow! That was some gully washer, as we say here in the sticks of Western Nebraska, late yesterday afternoon! It did cool things down, and the kitty boys and I slept well last night.

Andy slept on my bureau, Dougy on the cat tree outside my bedroom.

Some things never change! Dougy kept up his usual routine on hopping on me, kneading my side, and swishing his tail over my face when he sensed it was “kitty food time”. 

As usual, his kitty time sense was dead on: Time to feed the kitty boys!

I made blueberry-cream cheese and smeared it on my french toast for my breakfast – yum! – and the kitty boys had their usual chicken pâté kitty food. Then we all settled back to clean our whiskers. LOL!

Cleaned up, Dougy settled in for a post breakfast snooze in his flamingo-colored tub. Andy, on the other hand (see at top) decided it was a good time for a little nocturnal window surveillance.

Oh that Andy! I guess the window was a bit “dead” at 2:14 AM (now), so he came over for a little early morning “skritching”! What a sweet little kitty cat!

Purr!! Purr!! Rub that spot between the eyes, and Andy (and Dougy for that matter) will love, love, love you for life!

As you can imagine, after rubbing “that spot”, Andy was in the mood for a little “blinky eyes” with me.

What a sweet way to start the day!

Post 1464: Andy indulges himself…

Andy takes a snack break at the kitty food feeding bowls. (Dougy snoozes in his flamingo-colored tub.)

Hmm. There’s some ‘nip on the top of this box. Andy tells himself, “Why not…!?” (Dougy wakes to his wee brother having a ‘nipster ‘nip attack!)


Nom! Nom! Nom! Snort! Sniff! Nom! Nom! Snort!

(Dougy’s seen enough! He leaves the room.)


Andy really, really, really likes ‘nip, and doesn’t care if it comes in fresh leaf, dried leaf, as a flavor in kitty treats, a scent added to a kitty toy, or spray: “GIMME MY ‘NIP!” says Andy, though in his typically soft voice.

Dougy, on the other hand, likes fresh and dried leaf, but is one of those cats that doesn’t seem to get any thrill from it. Or, maybe, he gets just a little one. Take ‘nip or leave it is his motto!

Mysterious Wildcats by Joel Sartore

Feeling zapped today, but here are some fantastic photos by the Nebraskan photographer Joel Sartore to fill your need for more kitties, more! more! more! I understand your need. Andy and Dougy need a break today, too. We’re all dragging.

Post 1463: Andy wants ice!

Andy is the more patient of the kitty boys. He wants ice in his water, so he – hint! hint! – perches on the kitty box by the refrigerator.

But his patience isn’t infinite! “Please, please, please! Gimme ice!”




“Since you got in my face, kitty, OK!” Andy gets his ice. (Notice how much shedded hair’s on the carpet? It’s an endless job to keep it vacuumed this time of year.)





Post 1462: “You’re what???”


Dougy’s incredulous!

“You’re what?

Yes, Dougy, I’m getting my beard and hair cut today. You and Andy get to go till the end of September before you get yours.

Post 1461: Sundays are for rest! And play!

Dougy chose the recliner for his snooze…

…while Andy thinks this piece of paper on the floor is perfect for his!


The kitty boys and I played with the old favorite, the  Neko Birbug before they took their snoozes.

It’s been awhile since I brought that toy out because of a peacock feather interest that lasted a long time.

They exhausted themselves on the Birbug, they had such a good time snatching it out of the air and “rawring” it to death.

Yes, they definitely got their kitties on! Nothing like an old favorite set aside then brought out again after the kitty boys forgot they had it.

Post 1460: …so stinkin’ hot!

Andy is tired of the stinkin’ heat, as am I. I’ve added something new to the air conditioning I turn on to help the kitty boys deal with the heat: old-fashioned ice! 

Yes, I brought out the cat dishes I usually use to give the kitty boys the water off of albacore and turned them into heat relief watering holes.

It’s a new enough heat remedy Andy has to contemplate it a bit first. (The kitty boys still have their water fountain, their regular watering hole, but putting ice in that might not be a good idea because it might cause problems with the little pump that makes it work.)

Andy tests it out…

…and decides licking the ice or drinking the iced water is a hot weather hit!

Dougy, on the other hand, finds ice in water a bit avant-garde for his tastes, though he did give it a lick. He chose to find a cool spot in the bathroom.