Post 1439: an early greeting…!

Today’s not the big day for my Canadian friends, but I need to celebrate a day earlier because I have a personal celebration for tomorrow!

That said, July 1st, tomorrow, is Canada Day for my Canadian friends! I hope they have a safe, great celebration of the founding of their much beloved and respected country. There is a reason Americans abroad wear Canadian flag patches…! Ha!

The history of the Canadian flag is very interesting. Most people reading this may not realize it only became the official flag of Canada in 1965. But you can read about it all here:

HAPPY CANADA DAY, Canadian friends~

[…yeah, I know it’s almost here, but not today…don’t come back tomorrow for Canadian-themed greetings because this is “it”…no, I won’t give you a beer, now go away…(well, maybe tomorrow, but it’ll be American domestic!)…yeah, I know it’s tomorrow, dang it…SHOO, you Canadian pest!]



Andy doesn’t understand why he and his brother Dougy aren’t the “big thing” today!

(I tried to sing “O! Canada!” but quickly realized I don’t know the words!)


18 thoughts on “Post 1439: an early greeting…!

    • I thought so, too. Canadian history itself is fun because it parallels ours (The US’) in so many ways, and our heros sometimes are their villains, and vice versa. I bought a Canadian history written for Canadian university-level students some time back, and it was like learning a whole different history of North America that seemed familiar, yet was not.

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    • Yes, there are two versions. SInce French and English are both official languages of Canada, Canadian law requires both languages to be used on product packaging, legal documents, etc. Any products imported from Canada have both French and English on the packaging, though products imported from Mexico usually don’t.


  1. hahaha…love it Doug!! I remember when our flag changed from the Union Jack to our present flag. I didn’t like it for many a year. Remember I was still in school and really didn’t care much about flags and such things but this flag I did not like. Over the years it grew on me and now I like it. It is US. Not part of Britain or the U.S. A.

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