Post 648: Andy and Dougy play a game of their invention…

Andy slipped into the box, dragging the multi-color ribbon wand toy behind him. This toy, a favorite of the boys, is part of their self-play. I can’t get them to play with it, but they have their own game, something like “keep away” they devised using the toy. 

Andy guards the toy. He doesn't want Dougy to get it!

Andy guards the toy. He doesn’t want Dougy to get it!

Silly kitty! You are all the way inside the box, but the toy is mostly outside! Dougy surely will notice.

Silly kitty! You are all the way inside the box, but the toy is mostly outside! Dougy surely will notice.

Dougy can't budge Andy from the front, so he waits by the hole on the side. Andy will try to scare him away, but Dougy will prevail!

Dougy can’t budge Andy out the front opening of the box, so he waits by the hole on the side. Andy tries to scare him away, but Dougy prevails! 

Dougy scared Andy out of the box, so he checked it out. Nothing there. Dougy leaves the box...and still forgets about the toy!

Dougy shoos Andy out of the box, yet he still must verify it is empty. Yep! No kitty there! Dougy leaves the box…and the toy! Game’s over. Hunh?! I guess it makes sense to the kitties…. 

The toy will show up somewhere else before the morning’s over. In fact, it will “wander” all over the house. I rarely see a cat attached to it, but the cats move it. Only they know the rules and strategies of their homespun game! 


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    • I’ve seen Andy and Dougy doing this, though, as I noted, I rarely actually see them moving this toy. It just appears in a new spot each day! I bet that is cute watching your kitties play with it that way! 🙂

  4. Have you ever tried any of the Neko Flies interactive wand toys with cats. If you want to drive the cats completely bonkers, they are the key. All my cats and clients’ cats are gaga over them. The cats will have no choice but to play with you…resistance is futile.

    • You aren’t kidding! The boys love their Neko wand toys, and their current favorites are the bumblebee one and one that looks like a dragonfly. I switch these out from time to time with others Neko lures we have. I think this is the best single toy line I’ve purchased for my cats, and they are reasonably priced.

        • No, that’s one we don’t have, but I definitely will check it out. The boys like these toys so much, I am more than glad to buy them. So many cat toys end up in a corner, unused after a few plays. Not so the Neko wand toys!

          [AN UPDATE: I located this new toy, and ordered it and a couple new attachments I know the kitten brothers will like! Thanks for bringing this new toy to my attention. I like the idea that it has a wand that can be lengthened or shortened to one of three lengths. There are times that’ll be very handy for me because of how the boys like to play.]

      • No pet shops in this town at the moment, so I am grateful for other cat people bringing these things to my attention! Comments to this blog and other blogs are a great source of information on what’s new and what’s worth the money in pet supplies and toys! I hope to have the toys within the week, and will put something together showing the boys playing with them — or the box they came in. Ha!

    • My place is littered with boxes the cats play on and in. I periodically slip some of them into the trash, but they watch me closely….! Ha! Any time I get a package in the mail, I have two cats waiting for me to empty the box so they can have it. They especially like having flaps to hide behind, and they attack their Neko wand toys from behind the flaps in one form of play they especially like!

        • Andy and Dougy, brothers from the same litter, showed affinity for each other from the start, and I accepted Dougy on the report that he and Andy played well together. They have a sister and brother that went to another family. The sister and brother hate each other and don’t get along, I understand, so I feel pretty lucky!.

          Are you familiar with ThreeCatYard blog? Rhea and Davout, step siblings, are trying to accept Anna, the new cat in the family. Anna had some issues caused by events with her previous family, but I think Rhea is starting to make inroads in the friendship business.

          You and the person who has the ThreeCatYard blog may have some hints to share!

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