Post 1440: “Unto you will…”

…two loving brother kitty boys be bequeathed!”

Oh well, most days they are loving brothers! But all days they are stars of this blog and the joy of my life!

Peaceful together.

Dougy, my little comedian kitty!

Andy, little shy kitty!



Yeah, that cat box thing!




Beautiful creatures I love!


Hates his medicine time!


Want to know what’s up all the time!


You know…”clean”!

“Hello, Dougy!”
“…and to you, too, brother!”

Interested in all things!

Appreciative of my care. 

My kitty boys waiting for me to come home.

Their official “welcome to the blog” photo…!

Love their treats!

Their mugs are…

…on my mugs

That Andy makes me laugh!

Have taken over my apartment…and my heart!


Or, as you taught me to say, “Meow~meow~meow~rawr~me…ow!!!”


34 thoughts on “Post 1440: “Unto you will…”

    • Thanks! They had a nice birthday, I think, with simple pleasures. The albacore water strikes me as second place to the albacore itself, but they get stupid-excited over the water and leave the meat. Apparently there is something recognizable about the sound of a tuna can opening because they come running for that but not other cans being opened.

    • The albacore water made their day! I think they’d suck that down all day if it were available in huge quantities. Anyway, I thionk they had a good day on thi=er birthday!

    • They didf! Any day that includes tuna water is a big day for the kitty boys! Plus they each got a box, thanks to a timely arrival of some sandals that werte double-boxed, for me. Of course, they got their regular does of loving and playtime.

  1. The love inspired by your two brothers cats, Doug, makes you very lyric and creative .You find a lot of words to say about them and I am sure others are waiting for the next post ! 🙂
    In friendship

    • The next post will feature my trip to South Dakota to visit Mary, a friend I hadn’t seen in 51 years! The kitty boys will get a couple photos in that blog, but the blog mostly will be about the visit with Mary.

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