Post 1839: Aww! The kitty boys are looking hot!

Compare Dougy in artificial light (top and bottom left) with Dougy in natural light. The older he gets, the more his smoke Persian qualities come out, and natural light shows him at his most beautiful. He has cute silver heels that you don’t see in these photos. I’ll try to catch those for some future post.

Andy, too, is at his prettiest in natural light! In the large photo, he behaves like a typical Thomas – he didn’t want me to take his photo. Then, in the upper right, he did that cute thing he does where he leans slightly to see me better …I guess. It’s so Andy!

I think of my kitty boys as being black cats, yet the older they get, the more they have smoke Persian characteristics, with those lovely shades of grey creeping into their coats. 

32 thoughts on “Post 1839: Aww! The kitty boys are looking hot!

  1. Andy and Dougy always look AMAZING! Mom and I would love to see their silver heals! I don’t think I have those, but Mom thinks I’m getting a little bit of a silver chin. I also have random fine long hairs that Mom says look silver or white. Do Andy and Dougy have those, too? Purr purr purr.

          • You may have an obsolete whatever-it-is-called, though, if you do, you usually get a message telling you so. Its an Adobe app as I think. If you google [Why YouTube videos are not playing? ] you will see possible ways to deal with the situation.

          • Your best bet – I am not an IT expert and stumble through issues as they weigh down on me.

            Of course, it was extremely stupid of me to try to even suggest an answer to your problem based on experience with the same problem the flash player that comes up in the “you are screwed if you think you will enjoy videos today” message on my computer and laptop has always been the Adobe Flash Player, with a link to Adobe to update the failed app.

            Just saying. It exists and that’s what my computer and laptop apparently were loaded with when I bought them. That’s why I suggested that as a possibility to you.

            Hope you figure your problem out. The video is worth it if you enjoy kittens, as I know you do.

          • The Boss says that there are too many requisits in your link. I don’t use Adobe Flash Player; rather, whatever comes with Windows 2013. Perhaps, says The Boss, if you open your video in Youtube, click on Share, and then click on Copy, and paste that into the comment, it might work. I’d love to see The Adorables as babies!

          • Screaming Andy is hilarious! What a demanding voice!
            The first link you sent me had a bunch of other characters in front. Youtube does that sometimes. Thank you so much for this one! What about Dougy as a baby?

          • If you go to YouTube and check out my channel (phainopepla 95) , you can bring up all of the videos I’ve made of the kitty boys. There’s a place under the title photo (second from left, I think) called “videos”. Click on that and scroll down till you start to see videos of Louie the ginger kitty. Just before those, you’ll be in the early videos of the kitty boys. If you can view them there, you should have better luck that you apparently have on my blog. There are several with both kitties as kittens in them, and a couple where Dougy is featured by himself. The titles will let you know which ones those are. He was really cute as kitten!

          • Forget it. The flash player on my laptop is an Adobe app., no mystery to me, and it periodically pops up as a message to let me know my version is obsolete, so I need to upload an update from a link the message gives to Adobe.

            That is what is loaded on my laptop (and PC) at the factory. I certainly didn’t have to add it to view videos when I first got my PC and laptop.

            If that doesn’t apply to you, then you know not to pay attention to my suggestions about IT issues you have. Just realize my intent is good and reflects my personal experience with a problem that sounds identical to yours, but apparently is not.

  2. The boys are so fine looking. It is funny how time changes the coat colour. Not much change but enough to notice. Natural light is the best lighting. Kali always said that. I seem to be going white in parts. Something I blame on Tyebe. Never a moment’s peace with that girl.


    • Thanks, Dan! Yes, if you have pets, they want your attention, and your kitty and dog look like they would love your attention!

    • I agree! When I got them as kittens, the woman who has their mother told me they were smoke Persians. Of course, as kittens, they looked just one color to me – black.

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