Post 1438: Andy gets his kitty on!

Andy has his own style of peacock feather play: He hides behind the chair and lets me know he’s there by saying “Meow!”

Yeah! That’s what I mean!



Then Dougy shows up to take on the other end of the feather! 

Good play time for the kitty boys!

21 thoughts on “Post 1438: Andy gets his kitty on!

    • I totally agree! I’ve wasted money of expensive toys for the kitty boys, and watched them really, really, really get excited about the box the toys came in! One I bought was an animated toy with a tail rolled along the floor, flopping the tail. Supposedly, kitties get very excited to see the tail in motion, but mine ran away to hide under the bed, frightened to death! But a simple peacock feather…wunderbar, as the Germans say! Wonderful! A folded newspaper on the floor? Whew! They play King of the Mountain for hours! A broken wand toy, its multi-colored fabric strip all that’s left of the toy, and the kitty boys created a game where Andy carries the cloth strip to a starting point, meows a hideous mrowl of a challenge to Dougy, and they chase each other wildly through the apartment! Yes, nothing is better than what the kitties work out for themselves! Save the money, folks, give the next box or paper sack to the kitty, and you will be a hero!

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