Post 1594: Looks like a white Christmas…


Something’s up! Dougy spots excitement out the dining room window. 


Snow! It looks like a white Christmas here!


I keep getting questions about what the kitty boys are getting for Christmas. Frankly, I hadn’t given it any thought since I don’t celebrate the holiday except in the most perfunctory way.

That said, I did get them new water fountains since the old ones are crudded up with mineral deposits that inhibit their function. (We have heavily mineralized water here.)


I also got them the industrial-sized containers of catnip- and chicken-flavored Greenies kitty treats. 

Though not specifically bought as Christmas presents, well, let’s call them that!


On another note, if they were human children, they’d probably get lumps of coal in their stockings. Translated into kitty terms, they’d get a new puppy that absorbed their human’s total attention.

Hmm. Naw! No puppies, as cute as they are. The kitty boys have been good enough!