Post 1572: Dougy does a double take!

Dougy does a double take…

…then another!


Post 1571: two to tango…

Dougy and Andy slept side by side, then woke up. “Grrr! There’s Andy!” Dougy realized. “That’s not acceptable!” So…

…Dougy decided to let Andy know he was too close. Andy held his ground, though, and Dougy…


…ran off to sulk in the doorway to the guest bedroom. It takes two to tango, and Andy wasn’t about to dance!

Post 1570: Dougy knows what’s in the pill bottle…


Dougy sees the pill bottle and he knows there’s fun inside! No, not a drug high, but inside is that silly “cat toy” that is nothing more than the tear strip off the dry kitty food bag. 

Once I have his attention, I open the bottle and the playtime fun begins!

Afterwards, I put it back in the bottle so the kitty boys are safe from accidental ingestion of a piece of plastic they might chew off the strip. As you can see above, this is a “chew toy”!

Post 1569: Yet another cat tour, by popular demand!


Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be amazed! Yes, it moves! I know most of you don’t believe the Dougy exhibit moves, but here is rare footage proving it so!

What? You think this is a spurious wagging tail, maybe off the Andy exhibit? I offer up definitive proof this is Dougy’s tail: The “exhibit” is stretched out on the ottoman that Dougy won’t let Andy or Doug (the human) approach! Of course that’s Dougy’s tail!

For guests at the exhibit, you are being unusually, um, obstreperous today. Is it a Dougy thing?? 

Post 1568: sleepy kitty boys…


Andy managed to hop on his light stand when Dougy wasn’t on his ottoman. As long as they are facing opposite directions, Dougy tolerates his brother being this close to his ottoman. 

Sleepy kitty boys!


Once again, I accidentally deleted a comment while replying to it. It happens really fast. Drives me nuts! I think it was from Amy and it was about there being a place to buy Andy and Dougy themed gifts, which my text suggested were available at the end of the “tour” of Andy in a fantasy gift shop. Of course, there is none!

Post 1567: a cat tour…

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the front end of Andy the Persian cat.

And this is the tail, our way of letting you know this is the end of the tour. We invite you to stop by the gift shop for Andy and Dougy mugs, t-shirts, posters, and other “must have” gifts for Christmas!


(There is no gift shop. I encourage you to enjoy the kitty boys in the usual manner here on weggieboy’s blog!)

Post 1566: We look a bit rough early in the morning…

Dougy and I look pretty rough before we put on our pretty in the morning. Well, at least I do. Dougy (and Andy) always look pretty. Of course, they take 16-18 hours of beauty rests a day, like proper cats!

Post 1565: kitty boys agree that Thanksgiving is for the birds!

It’s been awhile since the kitty boys and I watched videos for kitties. A birdie video seems appropriate for the day, and the kitty boys are instantly interested. 


Andy always gets pretty wound up and attacks the laptop! LOL! (“Where’d that dang birdie go?!)


Andy takes a new post, so I have to realign the laptop so both kitty boys can see the screen again. Of course…


…Andy attacks the laptop again! This goes on as long as we watch kitty videos.  


(Incidentally, we hope you have a tasty Thanksgiving bird of your own!)

Post 1564: Dougy protests he does too move!


I mean, Dougy says he does move – i.e. he isn’t a meatloaf – yet I have to sneak around to get evidence of it!

Proof enough, Douglas! So…


…let me give you a nose “scritch”! 

Post 1563: Dougy wants to know…

Insatiable curiosity, of course, is what kitties are all about. 

I took the bandages off the  **dialysis fistula buttonholes, and they were unusually bloody this time. Dougy indicated he wanted to see them. (Top photo) So, being servant to this master, I pushed them toward Dougy.

“Mmmm! Bloooood!” Dougy is thrilled!


WARNING!! What follows are graphic descriptions and videos related to dialysis for end term kidney failure!

** “dialysis fistula buttonholes” – You have to source the blood for the dialysis machine somewhere, and these two little openings in the skin to the dialysis fistula are it.

After dialysis, the needles are removed, and I sit there for 20 minutes applying pressure so I don’t bleed out through one or the other buttonhole: a scab forms and you don’t bleed to death!

Sometimes, however, the scabs are insufficient to do the job, and continuing pressure is applied with tape and bandages with a pad that coagulates any fluid blood. That is the blood in these particular bandage pads. Usually, there’s barely a hint of blood.

“Buttonholes” are created by using the same holes in the skin and to the fistula till they become permanent. A dull needle, then, can be used to access the fistula. Otherwise, a sharp one has to be used.

I know this is more than you ever wanted to know about dialysis, but wait till you open this video! It shows the surgery where the artery and vein are fused together to create the dialysis fistula: 


Eek! Urp! Blap! Well, I know you are as curious as a kitty, so there you go! If you are ready for more, here’s how they hook you up to the dialysis machine:


Never mind! I don’t look either! LOL!