Post 1634: doing nothing…

Andy looks suspicious but won’t reveal his plan. Is he going to knock stuff off the computer desk? Chew on cords? Try once again to pull the memory stick off the PC? Who knows?

As far as Andy will let you know, he’s doing nothing. Of course, his “horns” are telling a different story!

Post 1633: Dougy can’t find Andy…


Dougy feels like chasing Andy but he can’t find him. “Where’s Andy?”


Dougy thinks it through. The new box? Worth a check! (Andy crouches down.)


Dougy passes by but doesn’t see Andy. (What?! He’s right there, kitty!)


Andy can’t believe it!


Dougy’s in the other room, so Andy hops on his favorite kitchen area box. He still can’t believe Dougy can’t find him. 

Post 1632: Andy’s taking it well…

Uh oh! That’s Dougy in one of Andy’s happy spots! (Knows it, too: Do you see that his horns are up?)

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180126095233 (1)

“No sweat,” Andy says, “I’m in another happy spot just now!”

Post 1631: Andy won’t be cowed!


Andy stops by and hints broadly that he wants to watch videos for cats. Of course, I accommodate the wee rascal!  


Soon after Dougy shows up and puts on a cattitude. Andy decides he’s had enough and leaves the recliner footrest.


Yeah! The PC gives a safe and perfect look outside at the fir tree where lots of birds seek shelter! Andy’s happy again.


Point 1630: wand toy play in the PM…


Dougy’s in the mood today! The new wand toy’s caught his attention, and he tries it out in a new place today – the box by the flamingo tub.

He likes it because he can hide “The Magnificent Paw of Total Capture and No Hope Forever Till Death” under the box flap. You know, the prey sees the pussy cat, but not the paw that is it’s doom! Clever kitty boy!


Andy’s playing on the computer desk, trying to remove the memory stick off the PC and other mischief. He’s a bit aware of Dougy playing across the way….


Dougy moved over to the scratcher…


…and Andy watched till Dougy ran off… 


…giving Andy a chance to play with the new wand toy, too!


The play went to the floor, where Andy lost track of the wand toy “bug”. “Where’s the bug?!” Andy is confused.


Hee! Hee! It’s on Andy’s back!

Post 1629: a happy wake up moment…!


Dougy’s in for a happy wake up moment!


A new kitty toy!


Woo hoo! Watch out while Dougy gets his kitty on!

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180124013321 (1)

The new toy meets Dougy’s high standards!

Post 1628: the glance…


Andy snoozes and Dougy commands The Box. 


Andy decides it’s time for a little snack, but he has to run the gauntlet…


…and survive The Glance! 

Whew! It was touch and go, but Andy got his snack and Dougy stayed in The Box.

Post 1626: “I see you..!”


The kitty boys are keeping an eye on each other today…


Even in sleep! If needs be, Andy notes, he can get away from Dougy if he hops on the recliner arm, then to the recliner back, then to the computer desk, then…!

[Not to worry! The kitty boys play this game day in and day out. No kitty boys were hurt in making this post.]

Post 1625: “Sxxx!” “No, snow!”

Andy checked it out first. Yep! Snow! Dougy, my snow bunny, had to give up a prowl on the dining room table to check it out. (Poor naughty boy!)


“Yep! Snow!” Dougy verified the forecast was accurate: 100% chance of precipitation. Looks like 100% to me, too. 

Fortunately, Andy had alternative plans for the day. Knowing Dougy, he’s probably back on the table.