Post 1594: Looks like a white Christmas…


Something’s up! Dougy spots excitement out the dining room window. 


Snow! It looks like a white Christmas here!


I keep getting questions about what the kitty boys are getting for Christmas. Frankly, I hadn’t given it any thought since I don’t celebrate the holiday except in the most perfunctory way.

That said, I did get them new water fountains since the old ones are crudded up with mineral deposits that inhibit their function. (We have heavily mineralized water here.)


I also got them the industrial-sized containers of catnip- and chicken-flavored Greenies kitty treats. 

Though not specifically bought as Christmas presents, well, let’s call them that!


On another note, if they were human children, they’d probably get lumps of coal in their stockings. Translated into kitty terms, they’d get a new puppy that absorbed their human’s total attention.

Hmm. Naw! No puppies, as cute as they are. The kitty boys have been good enough!

Post 1348: the bad [kitty] boys of Lane 2…

We have some bad habits here on Lane 2, and I confess I contribute to the mayhem….


Dougy destroys furniture, including his ottoman. Bad kitty!

I oftentimes eat breakfast in the living room while watching the early news. Bad boy! I put the plate on the floor, which attracts Andy…

…and Andy licks my plate clean, especially if he finds milk or butter on it. Bad kitty!

Yep, the bad boys of Lane 2. Tsk! Tsk!


On a happier note, mug contest winner Ellen features her new Andy and Dougy mugs in her blog today. Take a peek! Phoebe the kitty says, “Hmm. bad kitties. Mrow!”

Post 1335: Andy tried again today…

Andy managed to evade me all day yesterday and didn’t get his medicine. Today, my clever little bugger trapped himself him the north bathroom, where I just leaned over and picked him up! So much for his safe spot!


Andy, Andy, Andy! He is such a drama kitty when he knows he’s going to get his medicine! 

But he “gets it” that he gets his kitty treats afterwards, so he settles down so he can get the medicine, then the treats.

Dougy picks up on what’s happening, and makes his entrance so he gets some good kitty treats, too, though he hasn’t earned them.

Please notice in the photo where Dougy licks his chops that his “kitty horns” definitely are up!

Post 1292: I finally caught Andy to give him medicine…

Yesterday, Andy was especially cagey avoiding capture for his medicine. Then, when he did get captured, he resisted. I warned him about what was to come!


“Where’s that kitty??” I just didn’t know. (As far as Andy was concerned, at least, and you know from yesterday he thinks he’s hiding under the bed even though his tail’s hanging out in plain sight!)

Hee! Hee! Now all I have to do is wait till he gets tired watching me, then the cat is mine!

I caught him, but Andy put up a lot of resistance. “I’ll have to make you into a kitty burrito if you don’t settle down, Andy. Be a good boy!


Yes. Kitty burrito time for Andy! He was not happy, but he got his medicine…and his “good boy” treat, though he knew and I knew he hadn’t been a good boy!






Post 1281: Dougy watches “My Cat From Hell”…

I don’t know if Dougy picks up bad behaviors from watching Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell”, but he did do a “butt drag” on the carpet after watching an episode of the bad kitty program the other day. Bad kitty!


Post 1263: it was chaos this morning…

It was time for Andy’s medicine. That is to say, I managed to snag him when he had his guard down, and I hadn’t given him his medicine yet. Yeah, “medicine time”!

I thought it would be a good time to get some photos for today’s blog, too. What I hadn’t counted on was Dougy. Dougy! I’m wrestling his unhappy brother, and Dougy got up on the counter, not an approved kitty activity!


Gad! Andy got his medicine, but Dougy made it a challenge beyond the usual challenge. Bad kitty! He knows he’s not supposed to hop on the counter!

Post 1241: Dougy makes up his mind…

I wondered where Dougy was since I couldn’t find him in his favorite hidey hole. Then, he appeared out of somewhere, and I followed him while he made up his mind.


There it is! Dougy's favorite hidey hole. (It's the bottom hole in the two-hole kitty tower.)

There it is! Dougy’s favorite hidey hole. (It’s the bottom hole in the two-hole kitty tower.)

Dougy's climbing onto Andy's second most favorite place to sleep, the nightstand by the guest bed.

Dougy’s climbing onto Andy’s second most favorite place to sleep, the nightstand by the guest bed.

I think he's feeling smug to be on Andy's second most favorite spot!

I think he’s feeling smug to be on Andy’s second most favorite spot!

Decision time: window or bed???

Decision time: window or bed???

The gears turn hard in Dougy's kitty brain!

The gears turn hard in Dougy’s kitty brain!

Looks like it's the bed! )Don't worry....I always wash and clean the guest bedroom before guests come because I know where the kitties play!)

Looks like it’s the bed! (Don’t worry….I always wash and clean the guest bedroom before guests come because I know where the kitties play!)

Dougy finds his spot.

Dougy finds his spot. Or maybe it’s ANDY’S! Hee! Hee!

"Well, yeah! Now go away so I can cat nap!"

“Well, yeah! Now go away so I can cat nap!”

Post 1238: observed early this morning…

Boys! Boys! Boys! You kitties better get your act together or Santa will skip you this year!

I try to encourage peace on earth and goodwill to all kitties in this home, but Andy and Dougy continue their recliner war!



Dougy enjoys a quiet moment on the recliner.


Dougy senses trouble in the making: Andrew James Thomas!


.Andy’s minding his own business, mostly!


“Just minding my own business, mostly, Fluffybutt!” Oh dear! Andy called Dougy a name!

“What!? What!? What!?”


“Put up yer paws or shut up, brother!” Dougy’s in a mood now!

Yes, the chase was on! Dougy and Andy settled their dispute, Dougy wandered off to his favorite hidey hole in the guest bedroom, and Andy settled down in the sink in the guest bathroom, where I found him in time to give him his medicine.

Post 1231: Dougy can’t believe I ignore him…

I don’t ignore my kitty boys much. They don’t allow it! There are times, however, when I am busy with my things and I get cattitude if I don’t stop everything to give the boys a scratch or play wand toy games with them.


Dougy wants attention.120616-dougy-drumps-along“What? You won’t stop everything and play with adorable me? 120616-dougy-is-upset

Yes, while I was putting this together, Dougy stopped by and was scratching on the glider cushion to make me stop everything to play with him. Remember this photo from an earlier post?


This is a Dougy temper tantrum.


Post 1174: Boys, boys, boys! Take turns!

The foot rest on the recliner’s become the latest hot spot for Andy and Dougy. Both claim it. Neither has successfully made it his exclusive spot.


Andy enjoys being on the foot rest.101016 andy over head.jpg

Dougy enjoys being on his ottoman.101016 dougy notes andy useme.jpg

“What?!” Dougy becomes aware of Andy on “his” recliner foot rest!101016 use me dougy dsitting up.jpg

Dougy complains to me. “My foot rest! Andy’s on my foot rest! 101016 dougy tells me hes poed.jpg

Andy prepares to escape from Dougy, if needed.101016-first-one-andy-recliner

Dougy’s shooed his brother away and claims the foot rest.101016 doug says go away.jpg

“I’ll be back!” Andy says darkly…. 101016-ill-be-back-use-me

The End?!101016-dougy-oin-recliner-useme-or-else