Post 1594: Looks like a white Christmas…


Something’s up! Dougy spots excitement out the dining room window. 


Snow! It looks like a white Christmas here!


I keep getting questions about what the kitty boys are getting for Christmas. Frankly, I hadn’t given it any thought since I don’t celebrate the holiday except in the most perfunctory way.

That said, I did get them new water fountains since the old ones are crudded up with mineral deposits that inhibit their function. (We have heavily mineralized water here.)


I also got them the industrial-sized containers of catnip- and chicken-flavored Greenies kitty treats. 

Though not specifically bought as Christmas presents, well, let’s call them that!


On another note, if they were human children, they’d probably get lumps of coal in their stockings. Translated into kitty terms, they’d get a new puppy that absorbed their human’s total attention.

Hmm. Naw! No puppies, as cute as they are. The kitty boys have been good enough!

63 thoughts on “Post 1594: Looks like a white Christmas…

    • Thank you very much! I try to make happy spot for people to stop each day, and, for the most part, I hope I succeed. The kitty boys make me laugh and keep me entertained. I approach their “story” as a Jane Goodall thing, “Wild Cats of Lane 2”!

  1. It’s been snowing for two days here. Not enough to really accumulate; just enough to make the roads miserable and continuous enough to keep the road crews from cleaning it up

    • I looked out the window a short time ago, and the accumulation might be problematic for me getting to the snow route two lanes over. (The city designates snow routes that are cleared first for safety and emergency purposes. But the side roads can be left till days later. I live on a side road!)

    • Take it from Andy (who figured it out!): Snow is just water in another form. He’s unimpressed. Dougy on the other hand is enthralled with it and love, love, loves it till he gets a little wet.

    • You’re just saying that because you look purrty much identical to the kitty boys! (So it must be true!) When they first saw your picture, they thought they were looking at a photo of themselves, in fact, though I think you are a bit more petite. They are in the 11-12 pound range….

    • Thanks! And the same to you, too! We will have just enough to call it a white Christmas for those who need the stuff, but not so much you can’t maneuver around in it in a car. Had a bit more last night, just enough to freshen the stuff that fell yesterday!

    • You’re welcome! The old water fountain s were so crudded up, they sometimes worked for a short time, then stopped dead. The whole point is to provide them a flowing water source because when they have to drink from the basin – Persian kitties, you know! – they really soak the water up in their ruffs. Of course, after being little sponges, they come over to me for loving! LOL! (Lots of Liquid!)

  2. Industrial sized containers of catnip sounds like a wonderful thing!

    Snow for Christmas! None here, and probably won’t see any until January. It has been down in the 20s at night. Low 40s and rain are forecast for the 25th here. Not that I like shoveling snow, but it is pretty to look at. 🙂

    • I imagine the none furry Rosses would go through it in no time! Do you have a patch of catnip in you garden, Lavinia?

      I’m like you: pretty, but I’m at an age and condition where I am glad I live someplace where I don’t have to scoops snow. Those heavy springtime snows in particular I used to call heart attack snow.

    • A favorite spot! (Unfortunately, it is the dining room table, too! I never let food or things used for eating come in contact with that table, and it gets wiped down a lot since kitty butts rest on it a lot.)

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