Post 1949: resting up for New Year’s…

Hey, it’s that time of year again and the kitty boys (Dougy above) are sleeping in in preparation for the Big Event. Darn right: 12 o’clock midnight is “Feed the Kitties Time”!

(To my human friends, may you have a prosperous 2019! I appreciate your following this blog and, for those of you having your own blogs, I’ve enjoyed following you. )

I’ve no idea what this says other than it supposedly celebrates Chinese New Year’s. Close enough and it has a tuxedo kitty. (Hi, Molly the tuxedo kitty!)

42 thoughts on “Post 1949: resting up for New Year’s…

    • Oh! Oh! And tuxedos are among my favorites. Sorry Beba! Happy New Year! May you get all the best “scritches” on you ears, head, and tummyu, and lots of treats when you are good!

      • Ah, you didn’t know that Barmalei is completely black,his sister Beba is a tuxedo and extremely fluffy, and little Pyshka is a tiger. Both girls have my husband’s green eyes and his playful personality.
        Beba thanks you – Mrrrr!

        • I love black cats! So handsome, especially when they have intgensely yellow eyes. GTuxedos are a family favorite, and there used to be a really pretty tuxedo kitty (“Taco” we called him.) that was a feral kitty in my neighjborhood. I’m glad I have photos and videos of him. My first two kitties were tabbies with that lovely striped coat. One was grey; they other ginger. It looks like we have simnilar tastes in kitties!

    • Fireworks aren’t a problem here for New Year, though there have been some years people did it. I’m glad it isn’;t a tradition here., Hate the damn things! (Well, the loud ones anyway.) Too bad the line wasn’t “…bombs popping silently in air…” in the national anthem! LOL!

    • We were all awake for the magicv hour oif midnight and the only thing on all three of our minds was “When are we getting breakfast?!” LOL!. I had to wash a sink full of pots, pans, and dishes first, and that was serioujsly stressful for two of us. When I finally got around to breakfast, the tummies were so empty, they were like vacuums sucking in the yummy kitty food. Then I gave aAndy his medicine after petting and brushing him. Dougy’s hinting he wants attention,. something he always does when he sees me on the laptop. I guess I ignored him too long because he ran into the guest bedroom. Later, we’ll play kitty games to make up for ignoring him. Whew! It’s been a busy mornign already! And I still have to complete my post for today if I’m going to meet the 2 AM postime I like to meet.

    • Best New Year wishes to your family and to you for your new school year in the USA! Give your kitty and dog a nice head rub and “scritch” from Andy, Dougy, and me, too!

    • Oh, you know it, Lavinia! My earlier cat clock, Louie the ginger cat, though Food O’Clock was 5 AM. I don’t know what I did to fall for the Andy-Dougy cabal’s notion that a much earlier time was time for kitty food, but I’m trapped in their control now and have no hope of changing it! LOL! Best wishes to you, Rick, and all the Salmon Brook Farms kitties for a successful vintage in 2019! I love, love, love reading about the flowers and season changes in your blog, something that helps me focus on the gardener’s creed that today may be a bust but tomorrow will be better.

      • Dawn on this first day of January was beautiful, and I did get photos, which I hope came out. The cloud cover has been increasing steadily since sunrise. I will post again at the end of January, with all this mont’s activities. Vineyard pruning has already begun. The new wine from 2018 has settled a bit more, and we tested it again last night. We declare success. 🙂 🙂

        Let us hope for a good 2019 for all. 🙂

        • I hope so, too. Great news on the vintage!

          My New Year’s tradition used to be I’d drive out to a spot in the Nebraska Sandhills to watch the sunrise at this spot where the only evidence of human habitation was a simple bared wire fence. I think I must have stopped doing that when I came down with Wegener’s granulomatosis and was hospitalized over that holiday. Maybe I’ll remember to do that again next year. It was magical!

    • Yes, Happy New Year to you, too, GP!

      I post mostly amusing kitty posts, but you post history, something we all need to keep in mind when we participate in our political scene.

      I look forward to your posts more than most because they always focus on the human side of war, the personal experiences of ordinary people caught in war (or the well known, too – you don’t forget those people either!).

      I always think you must be sitting in a room full of files, magazines, books, the things of research and discovery, typing on your keyboard in the dark of night, the early light of the day to create your posts.

      Whether that describes your work on your posts or not, they always have that intense and thorough quality about them, something I especially appreciate since I am a lover of history!

      Thank you for your effort! I feel you do great honor to your father for the quality of your research, the accomplishment of your mission, if you will!

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