Post 1948: snuggling…

Andy knows something about the recliner…

…namely, it’s one of the warmer spots in the apartment. It’s a good place to sleep!

14 thoughts on “Post 1948: snuggling…

  1. I bet the recliner sits by the heater, too, which I bet would make it extra warm. I sit on my chair by the heater as soon as I hear the heater kick on. I let my furrs get nice and toasty. Purr purr purr.

    • Yes, it gets a nice bit of heat from an electric heater that heats that room. Since I am cold blooded and always trying to get or keep warm, that heater is toasty! In hot weather, it is right by an air conditioner and under a ceiling fan, so it is comfortably cool, too.

  2. Warmth, we love it. Kali truly adored heat and was lying on the heat vent in the winter. We like warmth but not that much. Blowing air scares us….not that we’re wimps mind you! Andy has the right idea.

    Shoko, Tyebe and Budd

    • Warm is good! I have electric heat here. Each room has an wall mounted heater that has its own thermostat, and they are mounted up high. Radiant heat is nice and seems more comfortable (to me) than blown heat. For one thing, it stays on longer, I think, before the thermostat reaches the turnoff point. Of course, the furnace in my old home was in one room to control heat in the whole building. My bedroom was always miserably cool to cold. I had to sleep under several blankets to be warm! In my current place, each room’s heater has a thermostat so the kitty boys and I can get comfortably warm no matter where we are! (Except in really cold weather – the place was built before insulation was was regularly used and was efficient.)

    • Believe me, they will be awake then, and, if I don’t want a lot of kneading and kitty butts in my face, so will I! LOL!@ That’s arounf “Feed the Kitties” time.

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