Post 1919: “What goes around, comes around.”

It’s uncanny that Dougy anticipates when I’m about to move from the glider to the recliner…the little poop!

So I get back by using his ottoman the way I intended it to be used when I bought it!

Post 1918: the hunt…

Dougy spots a fly over in the doorway to the guest bedroom. The hunt is on! Sneaky fly! Now it’s by the television.

I think Dougy missed another sneaky fly maneuver…it’s over in the corner now. The hunt is off for the moment till the fly reveals itself again!

Post 1917: Andy’s a good patient!

Poor kitty! He looks like I’m tearing his tail off, but he’s actually being a very good kitty while I prepare him for his medicine.

 As mentioned earlier, I’ve added brushing Andy to the medicine routine. He was a bit growly (and scratched his groomer) the last time he and Dougy went in for grooming. By brushing him when I have him in arm for the medicine, he’s gradually getting used to the sensation, doesn’t have new mats, and may be a better client at the groomer’s next time! 

Post 1916: lazy day…

IMG_20181126_235810 (1)

The closer I get to the end of the cold, the better I sleep, the better I sleep the less likely I am to have my blog post updated in time. I’m sleeping really well now! Soooo, here are some videos of the kitty boys to amuse you till I wake up:

Post 1915: spoiled play…

Something’s not right…

That darn Andy’s up there! Dougy can’t concentrate on having fun!

Post 1914: snow day…

Dougy has the right idea for a snow day: Do nothing! The kitty boys and I will spend as little energy as possible today, snooze around, and make sure we stay warm.

[I’m still fighting this miserable cold. I especially am glad I don’t have to be anywhere between now and next Tuesday morning.]

Post 1913: the routine…


Yeah, Andy arches his back to resist his dose of medicine and…



IMG_20181123_035906 (1)

…has pretty much destroyed his ottoman. Nothing left to do but roll over and be floofy!

Not an exciting routine, but that’s ours.

Post 1912: How floofy are they?

Pretty darn floofy, I’ll say! Check out Dougy’s tail floofiness, for example. Not only are the kitty boys floofier these days, they are really soft. 

Post 1911: useful ear…

If you do it right, hanging the wand toy over Dougy’s ear allows you to move it up and down in front of Dougy’s eyes. Why do it? I don’t know. It just seems fun. LOL!

Post 1910: “I see you!”


Peacefully snoozing away. That’s my wee Doogie!

IMG_20181120_145729 (1)

Not to be sneaked upon! “I see you!”