Post 1950: why they keep me around…

There is that special spot on my kitty boys…

…that they love, love, love me to scratch that spot! 

15 thoughts on “Post 1950: why they keep me around…

  1. “Yes, human, use those primate fingers to scratch that one spot—riiiight there. Did you cut your nails, by the way? Don’t do that anymore, your scratching is mediocre this morning.”
    —All cats to their so-called owners/cat daddies & mommies

    Happy New Year, Doug! Hope you and the kitty boys have a wonderful 2019!

    • Hint! Hint! Yes, mine make sure I knoiw they know I know they know I know they know I know they want “scritching” LOL! It is easier to just do it than try to follow the thought chain!

  2. Shoko is the same. She comes up and taps me on the arm….my cue to tickle her ears and rub under her chin, She doesn’t really want me to do it on my own but when she asks for it. Tyebe is too busy to slow down for scritches unless I’m laying in bed then she wants to head butt me. Budd simply falls over in front of me. They have their wys alright. It has to be their idea though.

    2019 awaits our stamp of approval.


    • Well, Dougy DID hop on my chest last night before New Year’s and knead my chest and purr for a long time. Itg surprised me because I was slumped on my glider. Dougy usually resists being held. I guess the difference, in his mind, was he chose to be there. It was his idea. It was a delightful surprise at any rate!

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