Post 1945: a sunny Winter day at the window…

Dougy waits his turn for the window while Andy bird watches.

“Say what?!” Dougy hears something outside on the other side of the house.

Andy hears it now, too. Faster than a smart phone camera, the two kitty boys are off to an adventure on the other side of the house.

¡Adios, muchachos!

Or was it just Andy’s dream?


Lavinia Ross writes:

Thanks again for posting Willow’s story, Doug.  She was the poster child for old animals with serious health issues that still need loving homes to see them through until the end.  Yes, like old humans, they are expensive, time consuming, and sometimes unruly due to their various emotional and/or health problems, but they are still beautiful little souls who give much love in return.  I would do it again.