Post 1988: I’m minding my own business when…

I’m minding my own business when…

…a fuzzy presence pops up out of nowhere.

“What is it, kitty boy? Cat’s got yer tongue??” He is trying to tell me something, Andy is!

“Timmy’s in the well?” Andy’s body language seems to suggest I look at the clock. What?! What interest does a kitty boy have in clocks?

Oh yeah! I forgot about kitty clock time: Andy’s trying to tell me it’s lunch time. His horns are up! It’s “Kitty Food O’clock”!

47 thoughts on “Post 1988: I’m minding my own business when…

  1. “Kitty food clock” – how funny! Andy is such a gentleman, too. He doesn’t loudly demands food, nor does he bite legs, like little Pyshka does when she is hungry (and she is hungry all the time). He just gives you a look!

    • Yeah, when the alarm in a kitty goes off, they can be just as annoying and loud. Never had a clock stick its rear in my face either! LOL!

    • I try to put their meals at 12 hours apart, with access to dry food all day, with treats as warranted. Doesn’t work out that neatly, though.

      • Our boys eat when I get up between 5 and six, even on the weekends because we wake me up. They eat again when I get home from work or around 4 p.m. if I am home. It’s usually between 4 and 6. I also gave them a small amount of dry food about an hour after breakfast and again a little while before I go to bed.

        • I’ve read that I shouldn’t leave dry food out for them to eat any time they want because it can lead to obesity and its problems. I keep a close watch on their weight, however, and they either are active enough or don’t binge eat because they always are pretty much the same weight +/- an ounce. Dougy lost a bit over a pound during his recent eye infection, but has slowly rewgain most of it.

          • Chris is overweight which is why I limit the dry food and keep their bowls empty a good part of the day. I wouldn’t even give them dry food except Chris eats very little of the wet food and I don’t want to starve him to try to get him to eat more.

          • Multiple cats makes meal time a bit complicated, fort sure. Andy tends to eat most of the wet food, and I would prefer Dougy get his fair share. Hydrating a cat can be problematic. Fortunately, they have been good about drinking water since kittenhood. They’ve had a fountain-style water source most of their lives.

          • LOL! Chicken is the favorite of the kitty boys, but I don’t know if they can handle anything that isn’t in small chunks or in a pâté form.

    • Thank my hair lady! I go in, tell her “You’re the professional. Cut it shorter and use your own judgement how short and how it looks best to you.” I used to tell whoever was cutting my hair specific instructions, and rarely got haircuts I liked. As soon as I let these trained professionals cut it how they thought it looked best for me, I started getting great haircuts! LOL!

      We just had “Food O’Clock” here. Now it’s “Kitty Medicine Time” and Andy’s trying to avoid me.

    • That is probably the best photo I’ve managed to get of the “horn” phenomenon. I had short-haired cats before Andy and Dougy. When they wrinkle their brows, the horns pop up, but it doesn’t form horns in short-haired cats.

    • Five o’clock!? Lucky you! Andy and Dougy think “Kitty Food O’Clock” is closer to midnight or earlier if they can get me to wake up earlier! I definitely spoiled them as kittens.

    • Yes, at least twice a year I come down off the mountain, wander into the lady who cuts my hair’s shop, and let her make me look civilized again! LOL!

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