Post 1989: morning has come again…

Dougy had his “Crazy Run” – you cat people know what I mean! – and settled down to watch the movie.

“I thought you said it was Mozart!” Dougy whined. (He love, love, loves Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte” and Papageno is his favorite character, of course!) Off to the guest bedroom to sulk.

Andy, in the meantime, thinks I don’t know where he’s “hiding”. Yes, it must be “Kitty Medicine Time”!


For you who are unfamiliar with “Die Zauberflöte” here is a video in the spirit of the Papageno character:  

18 thoughts on “Post 1989: morning has come again…

    • I thought so, too! That’s one of my favorite Classical period operas, thanks to the humor of Papageno and the drama of the Queen of the Night.

      • We just went to see “The Marriage of Figaro” a week ago – such a brilliant production! I don’t even remember when our opera company offered “The Magic Flute,” although we do get some exceptional coloratura sopranos and tenors (visiting) who could bring it up.

        • Lucky you, living where you can see live productions of operas! I’d have to drive four and a half hours to Denver for the nearest professional opera company.

          • True – this is the advantage of living in a large metropolitan city and a tourist destination as well. There are disadvantages, of course, and we are looking into relocating to an island which is about 2 hours away from opera, concerts, museums, etc. This is a project that has been brewing for quite a while, and I don’t know how realistic it is right now. We’ll see.

          • That’s a fantasy of mine, too, though I live in a community that is smallish (a bit less than 9000 people, which makes it a “city” in Nebraska! Ha!) and isolated in many regards.

          • With us it wasn’t a fantasy, Doug. We had been actively looking at smaller waterside houses in Satellite Beach (that’s a few miles down from Cocoa Beach and the spaceships), and then I couldn’t move 3 hours away from my father, may he rest in peace, when he became ill. Then, Hurricane Irma took our boat, and the “waterside” point became moot. It will remain so until we get a boat again. Prices are quite different now, though, both for boats and for houses, however small!

          • I’ve seen some of the prices on Homer & Garden channel. Whew! I imagine the insurance is horrific, too, considering the risks of a good ocean view.

          • Oceanside prices are way beyond our means, but riverside with access to the bay are pretty reasonable. Flood and hurricane insurance is a part of living anywhere in South Florida. In most condominiums, including ours, it is included in condo association fee.

          • Yes, it shows. I’ve had that happen to my comments on other peoples’ blogs, too. It’s an annoying quirk in WordPress, I guess.

    • Most of my music collection is either Baroque, Classical, Early Romantic or Jazz. I do have pop music, mostly from the period I was a kid or young adult, but I don’t listen to much of the newer stuff simply because I don’t listen to the radio much or have access to whatever they call those downloadable music thingies….

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