Post 2052: Dougy scores on the mockingbird!

He catches it from his box cavern, then brings it out to “eat” in the open. I guess he wants me to see what he’s doing so I’ll say “Good kitty!”

Andy shows up in the shadows, so play is over from the box cavern…

…but not from the piled up pillows and comforters in front of the recliner! (I was keeping warm without having to turn up the heat, which I’d turned down during the brief warm spell in the weather.) RAWR!

Yes, this is the best spot of all for Dougy to use his ambush style of hunting. By now you know that results in the shocking KILL! KILL! KILL! (Dougy is much more than a cute furball afterall!)

12 thoughts on “Post 2052: Dougy scores on the mockingbird!

    • I think he actually would do a pretty good job as a hunter. Hard to reconcile his brutal side with his typiucally sweet-natured Persian kitty side sometimes!

    • Yes, the feathered toys have a rough, short life! The kitty boys like peacock feathers, but they shred them so fast we’re lucky to get three, four plays out of them before the feather is pretty much a shaft and a few shreds!

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