Post 2051: blizzard…

My neighbor figured out why I back into my parking spot when snow (especially a blizzard) is predicted.

Yeah, the drift forms on the passenger side of the car. Of course, I still have a drift on the driver’s side, but it’s much smaller than the one on the passenger’s side. This was taken around 1:30 AM the 11th of April. Same time the last blizzard, I had a drift on the passenger side as tall as my car!

Dougy had to snoop while I took photos, of course. Don’t think I didn’t watch him very closely while the door was open!

26 thoughts on “Post 2051: blizzard…

    • Yes, it shopuld be, but we (where I live) lucked out and got very little of the snow or strong winds. Based on the forecast, virtually everything from schools to stores were closed for the day. As it turned out, all of those places could have stayed open. On the other hand, north of here got buried.

      A little shadenfreude is OK! The way things work, Minnesotans probably have tons of it when other places are stuck in 100 degree plus weather for days on end.)

    • It was relatively light where I live. We will have snow even in May, though it generally melts fast. I even saw one snow flake on the 4th of July one year, but it melted before it hit the ground!

    • That we did! I had no reason to go out until Friday, two days later, and things pretty much were cleared up or melted by then as far as roads.

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