Post 2293: Winter blahs…


Maybe the kitty boys are practicing hibernation lately or I just seem not to find them being active. I mean, if the scene above isn’t Dougy of late, what is?

Change the angle and you still have a sleeping kitty boy. Hey! I tried for something interesting! So, I’ll try Andy…


…but I get the same old backlit stuff, eh? So I shoo him over to the recliner, where Andy gives me a little cattitude, then taunts me by…


…faking me out and assuring the result will be a blurred photo! I need to get up earlier to catch the kitty boys being “cute”.


14 thoughts on “Post 2293: Winter blahs…

  1. Mom wonders if maybe they had a bug which she suspected I had last week. She says, “Valentine slept a lot more than he usually does and I noticed his ears, nose and eyes were more mattery than usual and producing a yellow green discharge. I think he had a cold. But he seemed to have fought it off, as he was back to running through the house, jumping and scratching on his tree just the other day.” Purr purr purr.

    • No, though Dougy sometimes gets an eye infection I need to treat with eye drops and an antibiotic goop. I suspect the fact they aren’t exposed to other cats is one reason they seem to miss out of=n colds.

    • Yes, then they move or look down or…! LOL! I have lots of photos of cats with closed eyes or that are blurs. Given Persian kitty eyes are a big feature of the breed, that’s tragic.

  2. A lot of that in our house, sleeping cats. Or weather has been very gloomy and overcast and I only wish I could do as they do. Instead I drink more coffee and carry on.

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