Post 2277: blizzard conditions

The power went out mid-afternoon. What to do? Nothing, it seems. This time of year, keeping warm is the big deal and I have electric heating. So, I went to bed early, wrapped in blankets and quilts. One never knows how long a power outage will last, of course, and the blizzard conditions suggested it might be a long time before the problem might be resolved.

I had a long, nice sleep, cozy in my cocoon, sleeping till the light in the front room cast a warm glow in my bedroom. I’d left it on after the power went down. I got up, started to watch a film noir with Peter Lorre and Sidney Greenstreet in their first film together, but fell asleep in my chair.

When I woke up, it was four hours past kitty food time! Andy was asleep on the recliner arm, waiting for me to stir. Poor thing! He must have really suffered sucking in his stomach all those hours trying to make me think he was starving! Dougy, on the other hand, was asleep under the chair in the north bathroom. Apparently he had some dry kitty food to tide him over. 

Yes, everything is topsy turvy.