Post 1629: a happy wake up moment…!


Dougy’s in for a happy wake up moment!


A new kitty toy!


Woo hoo! Watch out while Dougy gets his kitty on!

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180124013321 (1)

The new toy meets Dougy’s high standards!

19 thoughts on “Post 1629: a happy wake up moment…!

    • He’s my wand toy master. Andy is less interested in wand toys than Dougy, but Dougy not only plays with them, he keeps changing his position to make new challenges to catch the lure! I think his favorite position is on the seat of the recliner. He can hide behind the arm and “surprise” the lure when it sails over his position. He gets really wound up in that position!

    • Me, too! You know how cats can be about toys. The Neko toys have been consistently successful in this household. (I am not paid to say this, nor do I get any freebies from Neko.)

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