Post 2289: meh…

This what I see now. It looks like the best I can do for today’s post is, as we used to say at my US Army company, “Our best is not too good.” Of course, that was a parody of mottoes we saw posted everywhere our photo jobs took us, but sometimes the best requires some kitty activity to be interesting. No idea where Andy is at the moment.

[pregnant pause…]

No sooner said than Andy was very available for posing.  Hint! Hint! Somebody’s kitty boy thinks a kitty treat is appropriate for now. Treat finished, it was “ta ta for now, buster”.

20191212_123352 (1)

In the meantime, Dougy committed one of the few “no-no’s” of the house: He hopped up on the dining room table and made himself comfortable. (Of course, all the books and stuff on the table just now probably will be on the floor before long.)