Post 2276: Dougy visits the pillow on my lap…

Imagine my surprise when Dougy just hopped onto my lap pillow and kneaded it for a minute or so.  And that he stopped by of his own free will!


Happily, he stayed afterwards.   I think he wants to become a lap kitty!


My snoozing kitty boy. Stop by any time, kitty! 



Post 2275: too close for comfort…

Dougy hopped up on the ottoman, which is a bit too close to where Andy is…


After scratching on the ottoman to remind Andy it still is part of “Dougylandia: Stay Off!”, Dougy headed back to the north bedroom to nap under the bed.

Post 2274: “Gimme four!”

“Come on, Andy! Gimme four!”

“Thank you, sweetie!”

Post 2273: a kitty game…


Andy wants to play kitty games but I’m watching the news.

Never mind! Andy comes closer to whine. Yeah, I put the string game on the television. The smart phone version isn’t big enough for my wee Andrew!


He must have played two minutes, now he’s through. Dang cat!

Post 2272: nothing doing, doing nothing…

After a productive time yesterday doing Christmas cards, the three of us are taking it easy today.  Wait! We take it easy every day! I’m retired and the kitty boys are kitties, good positions if you can find them.

Post 2271: “’twas the week before Thanksgiving…”

’twas the week before Thanksgiving and all through the house not a creature was stirring…much, but we were playing kitty games, sort of, when Dougy protested loudly…


“You pretty much blew off sending Christmas cards last year. I know because I see the unsent cards every time you open the stamp drawer! You’d better do them now while Andy and I are thinking about this annual chore.” I was trapped!

And watch they did till I finished all the cards. They weren’t letting me repeat Christmas 2018! 

Post 2269: “Stop looking at me!”

I caught Andy taking a bath!

Paparazzi are NOT welcome in this home!

Post 2268: miscellaneous kitty activities…

Clockwise, upper left: Dougy prepares to take a bath; Andy hops on the cat tree so I can give him kitty loving; Ummm! Rub between the eyes – Andy (and Dougy) love, love, love this!; Oh! Oh! Oh! Andy loves having his head, neck and rears rubbed, too, as does Dougy; and here’s another view of Andy on the cvat tree, after I’ve rubbed his ears, etc. He’s one happy cat!

Post 2267: …in which I try to document Dougy’s best trick…

Dougy has a trick, a simple one, but a good one I want to share with you.

Yeah, I put a pillow on my lap, go >tap! tap! tap!< on the pillow, and Dougy hops up on my pillow for loving! Or, he rolls over on his ottoman and totally ignores me.

Tuh duh!