15Nov20: snow day at the window…

Window cats are watching the scene! You never know if cottontail rabbits, squirrels, other cats, or birds will show up to entertain the curious kitty boy. Toward the end of the short video, Andy’s “horns” are up!

Today (actually the 9th when I took the photo and video…), Andy got to enjoy the scene out the front dining area window. If sparrows were scarce, the neighbor’s Thanksgiving turkey display is new and interesting to my kitty!  

27 thoughts on “15Nov20: snow day at the window…

    • Same here. I do have a loud doorbell…if people use it! I rarely hear knocks on the door. Andy, on the other hand, alerts me to potential visitors by perking up his ears or running to the door.

    • I’d put a better photo of it in the post at the end, but that would be the photo posted on my link on FB instead of the last Andy photo. I think there’s a place you can designate a photo to post, but I’m too lazy to find out if it does it once or forever till you change it.

    • Scroll down, and the newer ones follow. At least it seems there are at least ten posts that come up that way, then you can tap on the left hand post title on the last post tot= bring up 10 more that preceded the first ten, and so on.

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