Post 2294: Andy’s such a suck up!

I feed the kitty boys first, then fix my own food. Andy is first at the table for the kitty food, then comes over to beg my meal! I never give kitties human foods, preferring they eat food specifically formulated to keep them healthy. I do let Andy sniff what I’m fixing if he insists. “Kitties don’t like coffee!” I tell him. “Pizza isn’t kitty food!” “You don’t like apples!” And so on. He makes little kitten mewing sounds from time to time, reaches up to touch my leg. “You are pathetic, Andy! And getting fat on kitty treats!”


Dougy’s taken off for his nap in the meantime. That Andy is a silly kitty boy, he seems to think!

15 thoughts on “Post 2294: Andy’s such a suck up!

    • My friend Deborah prepares human-quality chicken for her two cats. I don’t know if she feeds them other things, but they get a pretty fancy diet compared with my two.

    • LOL! I hate to deny my kitties anything, yet some elements of pizzas (namely everything on them) aren’t healthy for kitty boys or kitty girls. (I’m sure Teddy doesn’t want to hear that, Correne, but…!)

  1. I like to share a very little bit of my – light – meals with my persian golden kitty. Evidently, her menu is made of special food for Persians.
    But I share with her a little bit of fresh white cheese ( calcium ) at breakfast, of yoghurt for dinner – always for calcium.
    She is waiting for that. If there is not, no matter, says Persian wisdom 🙂 To-morrow is another day !
    amitiés 🙂

    • If she can eat it without having stomach issues, I’d say it is good for her! I had a cat that liked a little milk each morning and delicatessen turkey slices.

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