05Aug20: Andy wants to play…


Andy posts himself on magazines on the floor. He’s waiting for me to put my hand inside the pages so he can hunt it. Ow! It’s one of his favorite games!

16 thoughts on “05Aug20: Andy wants to play…

    • I’ve had that surgery myself. Fortunately, my surgery was successful. I’m sorry yours wasn’t. Did you have to go back to catheters? I hope not. They are more fuss than a fistula, as you know.

      Yes, Andy is hunting my hand, though he never pounces on it. He tries to find the mouse or whatever he thinks might be in there besides my mouse!

    • Actually, we are. Andy used to be a bit intimidated by Dougy, I think. He still won’t get on top of Dougy’s ottoman unless I put a lapboard Andy claims on top. I’m trying to get him used to the idea of the ottoman without the lapboard, but there probably still is a Dougy scent on it.

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