Post 824: …in which I attempt to “Trump my cat”!

Andy gets the poochy mouthset right, anyeay!

Andy gets the Trump poochy mouthset right anyway!

No doubt about it. When I saw the first “trumped” cat, I knew I had to “trump” Dougy. Dougy provided the hair for the toupee, too, another reason he seemed the logical choice.

I failed to take into account a quirk of Dougy’s, however: He likes to eat hair, and I couldn’t get the “toupee” placed on his head for the photo because he was determined to eat the dang thing!  

Too bad, too, because Dougy is my funny cat. But I have two cats, eh, so poor serious little Andy got “trumped”.

This is harder than I anticipated.

Andy was not amused.


Follow the link below to photos of other people’s trumped cats. Some are quite good, and all are better than what I managed. How about you? Have you tried to trump your cat yet?

54 thoughts on “Post 824: …in which I attempt to “Trump my cat”!

    • Andy doesn’t like to be brushed, but Dougy really, really loves it! That’s why Andy’s hairpiece actually is Dougy’s hair. Dougy, of course, wanted to eat it, so I couldn’t get a photo of him wearing his toupee.

        • Ha! Ha! That’s how Andy approaches it, too! Dougy seems to prefer that the left side get more brushing than the right, and the underside less than the top. He loves having his tail brushed. It isn’t trimmed up like the rest of him, so that longer hair makes for a little more effort for a cat to maintain.

  1. omg, so so so funny. Kitty does not look amused. The young human Jamie says, “How can Donald Trump fix anything in government if he can’t fix his hair?” muahahaha

  2. Sitting here chuckling t the trumped kitties and even with the Donalds hair style Mr dough is an absolutely beautiful n=and adorable fella. Just look at that face.
    That is certainly not something I would say about the Donald.

    • LOL! That’s a good one! I’ve heard of similar situations where they ended up having to operate on the cat and spent thousands of dollars in the process because of something the cats ate, so this was a much happier ending!

  3. Some of them on the link you provided, are very good! If Mr Trump becomes your new President (Heaven Forbid), you can all come and live with Minx and me, in Australia.

  4. Ha ha ha…. I enjoyed the pics of Trump hair… none of my three cats is voting for him… although I can’t say I agree with all their choices as they cover the political spectrum… so we have agreed not to discuss the subject and only talk about food, naps and rubber bands.

    • Same here. I will vote, but, at this point anyway, I don’t have the slightest idea which of the clowns to go for. Trump is one of the ones I know I couldn’t vote for under any circumstance. Who would want that loose nut with a finger on the atomic bomb?

    • I think Dougy secretly wants Trump to become President. UGH! Andy says , “Not if I can make him look like a fool by wearing my hair in a silly comb-over mocking Trump’s goofy comb-over!” Andy is tough but fair.

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