Post 1753: cat versus human…

This morning, I saw a kitty under the computer desk. “Andy” I thought, and I reached under to “encourage” him to run into the guest bedroom, where I intended to catch the little bugger to give him his medicine.

The kitty didn’t move~!

“Must be Dougy,” I thought, “because Andy would have scooted out of the room in an instant!” I went looking for Andy. He wasn’t anywhere.

I went back to the front room, and saw “Dougy” (I thought) was still there, under the computer desk. He didn’t move. I stood up and saw, well, Dougy was on the other side of the desk, meaning the kitty under the desk had to be Andy, Andy who didn’t move when I reached in and pulled him out! What?!

 This Andy let me “scritch” and stroke him while holding him on his back, cradled in my arm, with his head rested in the crook of my elbow.

Purrr~purrrrr~purr! What was it with this alien substitution cat? Couldn’t be…yes, it was Andy, and he was acting like he finally gave in and became a sweet little purr baby, a compliant lap kitten! 

I mean, this Andy was adorable, not like his naughty brother Dougy! And it looked like giving him medicine had become a simple process, no stress or strain if the “new” Andy just let me pick him up and pet him till I decided to give him medicine!

Seriously! Once we settled into a quiet routine and I was lulled into thinking a new page had turned in Andy and my relationship, that he finally “got it” about why he had to have his medicine (“We gotta do this, Andy! We gotta do this!”), he made an escape attempt! 

Quicker than a kitty, I caught him as he just about escaped from my grasp. I wrapped him in the towel – burrito kitty – and squirted his medicine down his throat. 

I won this time, but I think that my kitty boy is getting smarter. Will tomorrow be another game?

Will he win??

17 thoughts on “Post 1753: cat versus human…

    • Ugh! I can’t imagine going through that. I use a kitty treat that is supposed to clean their teeth. So far – they are almost seven years old – their teeth are free of plaque. Checking teeth is one of the regular check ups I have their veterinarian do.

    • I haven’t tried tooth brushing. The dental treats I feed them recommended by their veterinarian) seem to do the trick as they are days short of seven years old July 1st…) and their teeth are clean and in good order.

    • Eigenlijk is er geen behoefte aan hulp. Het is een spel dat Andy en ik twee keer per dag doorlopen. De meeste dagen vang ik hem met weinig moeite. Zodra ik hem vang, is hij heel braaf – totdat ik hem in de handdoek wikkel, dan weet hij dat hij een dosis medicijn gaat krijgen!

  1. I hate it, too, when Mom tries to squirt medicine down my throat. I make sure it gets mostly on her and everywhere else, or like Andy – I run off! Maybe Andy would take the medicine thinned down in tuna water a few times a day?

    • Reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me. She wanted to give her cat from hell a deworming tablet. After some fuss she finally got it into her, closed the mouth, stroked the throat , and then, when she finally thought, the cat had swallowed, she said GOOD – and the cat spit the pill into her handler’s mouth.

      • Ha! I thank Ye Gods Andy’s medicine can be pulverized and put in a chicken-flavored water! I doubt I could get a pill into him once, let alone twice a day forever!

    • His medicine is in chicken-flavored water. He used to get it in tuna-flavored water, but I thought he was allergic to fish. He does have some allergies, but I think it is more to shellfish, which sometimes is mixed with chicken in cat foods. Fortunately (for Andy), tuna doesn’t cause him problems.

  2. I’m wondering if Purrseidon has been giving Andy tips for manipulating humans… she is perfectly fine with things – until she isn’t… At least Andy only tries to escape, not bite.

    • Sorry I missed this two days ago! Anyway, Andy doesn’t bite, but he will use claws to escape! I have to prepare for that before I unwrap the towel.

      • Obviously, Purr is a biter, though she generally doesn’t attack unless she feels threatened … like with having her temperature taken the old fashioned way.

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