03Feb21: video time again

“Acqusations” – really, I pronounce it – accusations – correctly! Wee Andrew had a bad kitty day when he was a kitten.

Andy can’t find the loudmouthed birdy…then there is a surprise answer sitting in the chair behind him. (Spoiler Alert: My late brother Dick was pretending to be a bird!)

Andy made excellent use of this new box!


If you’ve followed this for a long time, you probably have seen some or all of these videos. There have been enough new subscribers (Hello, India!) lately that I decided it was time to share a few of the You Tube videos I posted over the years. 

In happier times, there was a second kitty, Dougy, in my home, and he makes an appearance in this video. An English fan of the Andy and Dougy videos I posted on You Tube sent them a box of goodies. Dougy and Andy had a good time while I unpacked the box for them. Sadly, Dougy, Andy’s littermate, died on 15 July, 2020. Andy and I miss him a lot. He was a jokester, a comedian kitty, and an explorer, as you can see in the video.

28 thoughts on “03Feb21: video time again

  1. The videos are such chuckle makers….. each video gave us a laugh as Andy and Dougy had the ability to always bring a smile to our face. Andy waste cutest little kitten and he was ticked with you. The nerve of giving him a bath simply because he stunk! hehe


  2. I enjoyed all the videos, Doug. You have a nice memory of your brother in one of those, and it is always good to see Dougy cat again, too. Poor little Andy kitten! He does sound mad there. The indignity of a poopy behind followed by a bath!

    • I forgot Dick was in that video, so it was a happy accident to see him at his funniest! Yeah, Andy was extremely upset that day. I think part of it other than the bath was he didn’t know how to get down from the printer.

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