07Apr21: the cat will play…

I have to be out of town today for a doctor’s appointment.  Andy hasn’t told me his plans but I suspect it involves doing pretty much nothing! 

22 thoughts on “07Apr21: the cat will play…

    • *It was simple and didn’t involve needles, so you know it was a good time! LOL! (I had an ultrasound on my dialysis fistula.)

    • It’s a follow-up on my dialysis fistula. I will get an ultrasound on it to establish how well it is functioning after three months. Poor Andy gets left alone for at least five hours three times a week when I’m at dialysis. He’s a brave little cat but he definitely meets me at he door every time I return!

    • It is a follow-up on my dialysis fistula. I will have an ultrasound evaluation on how well it’s functioning. I had an angioplasty on it a few months ago, something that periodically becomes necessary.

    • Andy loves to open cabinets, too! We even have a ritual here where he stops by when I’m preparing meals and I open a cabinet for him so he can check for mousies. When there are no mousies (never have been…) I praise him highly for his vigilant mousie eradication, and he prances around proudly. I pat his head, “scritch” his chest and head, then he heads over to where I pass out the Greenies because, well, he took care of the mousies, didn’t he?! LOL!

    • Thanks! Since it involves nothing worse than an ultrasound on my dialysis fistula, I anticipate an easy morning. (The proof of the pudding is there haven’t been any issues at dialysis since the angioplasty a few months ago to open up a restriction in the fistula.)

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