Post 2065: what’s up…

Andy feels safe enough to come out from hiding. Ick! Ick! Ick! The nasty medicine would be totally intolerable if Andy didn’t get Greenies treats afterwards! (At least that’s what he tells me.) On a happy note, Doug the human discovered Andy needs the new medicine once daily instead of twice. He should have read the label!

Bad kitty? Actually, Dougy is hunting a tiny spider you barely can see slightly above and to the left of his right ear. See it? It is a little black dot. What a good boy!

7 thoughts on “Post 2065: what’s up…

    • We humans appreciate your spider control! As for the medicine, one kind he still gets twice a day, but Andy doesn’t hate it quite as much as he does the new one.

  1. I see the tiny black spot . Of course Dougy the hunter did not miss it . Dougy has a eagle eyes !
    I am wondering why Andy always has this medicine in the wait . It must not easy to make him take this medicine ! And more twice instead on once !!!
    In friendship

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