18Apr21: walking the cat…

I tried walking the late Louie, with mixed results. I took Andy and Dougy for walks in a carriage designed for safely walking small pets, but never on a harness.

As much as Louie love, love, loved being a part time outside kitty boy, he still determined when that outside time was.

This was a particularly successful walk with Louie. Note that I let him freewheel it. The one time I tried to put a harness on him, it took him less than the time from putting him down on the ground till he was out of it!

36 thoughts on “18Apr21: walking the cat…

    • He had tons of personality, too. He was a shelter kitty. The moment I let him loose in the apartment, he walked around to every room and opened every cabinet door. LOL!

  1. Louie had very beautiful markings, Doug. He was a big kitty, in the Galaxy class! That was good he would walk along with you, and not take off! It looks like he had his own particular route he took on those walks. Its nice you have all this footage of him to remember him by. I know you miss him terribly.

    • Yes, those walks were lots of fun for the both of us, though he shocked me sometimes by taking me places that might have alarmed neighbors to see me, but not Louie. I sometimes had to take a different route and rejoin him later.

    • Louie was a great kitty boy. Very personable and smart. I enjoyed our walks, though he took me to some fairly problematic places sometimes. Of course, walking a cat when the cat gets to set the agenda and the duration spent sniffing flowers and eating grass is problematic unless you are retired and have the time! LOL!

    • WOW! On the other hand, as high energy as ferrets are, this probably helps wear them out in a positive way, much like walking a Jack Russell terrier or other high energy dog does. (Inside kitties wear it off through play and the no9ctutrnal “zoomies” all cat people are familiar with!)

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