Post 1528: where the kitty boys are after their breakfast…

Yep! Hanging out in the kitchen while I fix my breakfast! Here they are by the front door. A few moments later, they take turns nonchalantly walking by me, hinting broadly (“Mrow-meow-meow!”) that they would appreciate a chance to have my breakfast, too.

Of course, they are kitty boys, so nothing I’m fixing for me (“Kitty boys don’t like coffee, Dougy!”) is of interest to them, no matter what they think! I have to let them sniff the coffee, whatever, and then they believe me. Maybe.

18 thoughts on “Post 1528: where the kitty boys are after their breakfast…

    • LOL! Well, as a person who lives with cats, I’ve leaned not to be too fussy about cat hair, spit, poop, hairballs, etc.! Still, I’m not sure I could handle knowing one of the kittyy boys helped himself to a sip of my coffee! Aw, heck! I’d just wipe the cat hair off the lip of the cup, fish out any that landed on the coffee, drink the coffee and think, “Stomach acid will take care of the ‘bugs’!” Ha!

  1. HaHa. My coffee gets an inspection by someone almost every morning. I suspected at one time it’s because I talke mine with milk or cream but when I would put a small amount in a bowl, only my late Tony would actually drink any. So I think it’s purely feline curiousity.

  2. Dougy is thinking:” what is good for Doug is good for Dougy ” . This sentence could be for an advertising ! ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way Dougy is right to check on his own if your food is cat- able.
    BTW you often speak of breakfast ; How do you orgnize meals along the day for the kitties-boys, breakfast, lunch, diner ?
    In friendship

    • The kitty boys have a helping of chicken pate cat food at 1:30 AM or so, then another helping of the same at 1:30 PM or so. They don’t over eat, so I leave dry cat food (also chicken flavor – Andy as food allergies for seafood flavors) out so they can eat when they are hungry in between times. Also, I give them kitty treats (yeah, chicken-flavored!) occasionally. I follow the recommendation on the package and just put out five or six at a time in case they “ask” for more treats during the day. Too many treats are like too many pieces of candy: fat!

      I suppose it is a good idea to check out the food I’m preparing in case it is cat-approved! It never is, so Dougy scratches the carpet in protest. I open a cabinet door, then, and that satisfies his curiosity about what’s inside. (Andy can open the doors on his own, so isn’t interested when I open the door for Dougy!)

    • Me, too! As you may know because I occasionally mention it, they have a brother and sister who don’t get along, so there always is a chance you might not have two or more cats that get along. They have moments where they wrestle and have issues with each other – just like human brothers! – but mostly they are best buddies.

  3. Well, you share a lot with the cats but not so much food I guess. On the other hand I have heard that some canned food is of such a good quality that itโ€™s likable for us humans. Maybe itโ€™s only the labels on the cans that are different?

    • An interesting question, Gunnar! Some cat food smell vile, yet the chicken pate cat food I feed the kitty boys smells good enough to eat. I hope government regulation is sufficient to assure the test results and evaluations of various pet foods is honest and trustworthy. I spent a lot of time finding what the kitty boys liked, but it had to have good ratings, too. Their health is good and they maintain a healthy weight, as verified by their veterinarian. I attribute this to listening to their veterinarian’s recommendations, not feeding them inappropriate (“people”) food, and regular veterinarian visits. Of course, there has to be time for play, brushing them, and other fun, but I want them to have the best life possible while I have them!

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