Post 1263: it was chaos this morning…

It was time for Andy’s medicine. That is to say, I managed to snag him when he had his guard down, and I hadn’t given him his medicine yet. Yeah, “medicine time”!

I thought it would be a good time to get some photos for today’s blog, too. What I hadn’t counted on was Dougy. Dougy! I’m wrestling his unhappy brother, and Dougy got up on the counter, not an approved kitty activity!


Gad! Andy got his medicine, but Dougy made it a challenge beyond the usual challenge. Bad kitty! He knows he’s not supposed to hop on the counter!


32 thoughts on “Post 1263: it was chaos this morning…

    • They do seem “anxious” when I leave for any reason. I am sure they do just as you say. The dining room table is another place I know thy get up on, though it’s another place kitties aren’t needed..


  1. When I had my friend’s Bengal and my Siamese biy Mosby counter invasion was ongoing. Thankfully, Cloud and Skye are the jumpers I have now and they have never gone on up on the counter. They want a window to look out when they do higher. Hope the day smooths out.


    • I leave my counters cluttered with the idea it deterred exploration, but Dougy apparently learned to hop up there when I was sick then in rehabilitation last year. The neighbors who looked out for them did some straightening up, and Dougy learned there was a place up there to hop onto for his curiosity’s sake!

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