Post 2176: Oops! Dougy didn’t see Andy there!


Dougy walked by Andy’s perch.


Oops! He didn’t see Andy there, but instantly realized his faux pas. Good thing Andy wasn’t in the mood to press the territorial imperative involved!

21 thoughts on “Post 2176: Oops! Dougy didn’t see Andy there!

      • I had to take Beba to the vet today, as she has developed a bold spot around her tail, and she staged a true rebellion! It took both of us about 20 minutes to get her into the carrier. Poor girl has an infection on her behind and has to take PILLS – imagine! With her, the other two have to be given the same pills for prevention, but only twice. But she has another problem as well: a tooth needs to be extracted, once this infection goes down. Poor girl!

        • Oh dear! I’ve never had to give a cat pills, and hope I avoid it forever. Best wishes for recovery and a happy Beba! (Thta tooth extraction costs nearly what a human dentist would charge. Andy had a incisor that rubbed against a canine. It was one of those tiny teeth in the front. To prevent damage to the canine, the incisor tooth had to be extracted. I believe it cost something like $167. Because of tooth crowding, the removed tooth didn’t even make a difference in appearance or function of the remaining teeth. They sort things out and Andy have beautiful “chompers”!

          • Thank you for understanding, Doug! We have successfully fed the pills to all three of them last night. Hopefully, it’ll have to be done only one more time. The tooth extraction estimate is much more than my dentist charges, but it’ll have to be done. Poor girl!

          • I understood (may be wrong) that my veterinarian brought in one of the human dentists to advise or assist him when he extracted Andy’s incisor. It wasn’t cheap!

          • Our vet does it himself, and I trust him implicitly. It is much more expensive than a human procedure, at least as it was for me, but then I am a dentist’s daughter, so although my father was already retired at that time, one of his former partners gave me a huge discount. We don’t get such perks from a vet, but fortunately, there is a pet procedure finance company that splits it into installments, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to handle it.

          • my kitty boys’ veterinarian is good about working out payment plans for large bills. SO far I’ve not had to ask for a payment plan, but it is good to know it’s there if one needed it.

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