02May21: smoke Persianhood…

“What’s up, Doug?” Andy demands to know.

Before I brought the kitten you and your late brother, Dougy, home, Andy, I’d never heard about smoke Persians. Now, when your hair grows out, I get to see just what a pretty thing a smoke Persian kitty is!

[Andy nodded in approval of my realization.]

15 thoughts on “02May21: smoke Persianhood…

    • I almost hesitate to have him groomed when he gets top this stage, but, at this stage, Persians have difficulty managing their fur without help. Andy hates being brushed, so there is a problem of mats in his fur. So far, he hasn’t had mats, and it’s the middle of June till his next session with the groomer. I hope he makes it till then without mats!

    • Yes, such a pretty gradation in colors. In many, the colors are more pronounced and less pretty to my way of thinking.

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