04May21: the photo…

“Let me put my ears on first, then you can take my photo, Doug….”

Wow, Andy! And your horns, too! 


18 thoughts on “04May21: the photo…

    • Yes, Andy “ran” for purresident in 2016 on the theme he’d run the rats out of town. As you know, the rats actually ran and won that one. As for 2024, Andy feels he will be too old then. He stands firm on that: while there is a lower age limit stated in the US Constitution for eligibility, he (cats being smarter than humans) strongly supports an upper limit, too. If the average American is expected to retire by 65, while can antiques of both parties run and win four years when they should be out on the golf course on their own dollar??? Doug, an antique of 73 years old, agrees with this!

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