16May21: the nest…

Andy stops by the newspaper nest to take care of kitty business.

Gad! what a dump! It meets Andy’s specifications, though, so as long as no one comes to visit me, I guess I can put up with it a bit longer. In the meantime, Andy’s off to kitty treats in the other room.

Back from treats, Andy takes a rest in his newspaper nest.

19 thoughts on “16May21: the nest…

    • Best of all worlds: it makes crinkly sounds and it insulates. Also, it is a fraction of an inch above the surface of the carpet, making Andrew the King of his Realm.

        • He has done a lot to damage and destroy reputations and institutions in many countries. Were he to drop dead today, the sun would shine brighter tomorrow. The damage he’s done to truth , journbalism, and the democratic foundations of the United States of America makes him a traitor in my mind, and his American citizenship should be stripped from him, making his ownership of media in this country illegal. Oh yes, I can’t stand the man, too. My university major was journalism, and I despise the man for the corruption of that profession, the way his media have created doubt of the veracity of news published and broadcast by legitimate journalists. He is a blight and vulgar man whose main contribution to humanity will be his eventual death. (I guess you caught me in a moment. I try not to rant this way on my kitty blog.)

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